Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Thank You!

I wish to express my appreciation for all the caring emails and messages I've received after the death of my husband.

It means a lot that my readers think enough of me to take the time to express their condolences.

After my husband passed in December, I had to move from my home. Without both of our incomes, I couldn't quite make the bills. I'm staying with my son and his family until I can build my book sales enough that I can afford to have an apartment. He and his wife insisted that I needed two rooms so that I would have an office to continue my work. My daughter, too, offered her home. I am so blessed that they care so much. 

There are still boxes everywhere, but I'm slowly getting things sorted. My desk is set up and I'm working on my work-in-progress again. I hope to finish Tala Ridge Storm by the end of February or sooner.

Thank you again for all your kind words and thoughts. 

I truly appreciate all of you.

Take care and stay safe,