Thursday, January 19, 2023

Tala Ridge Shifters Audiobook

Available at Audible and Amazon 

Tala Ridge Shifters Books 1 - 3

Cara Firestone has come through again! Her compilation of the audio files for all the Tala Ridge Shifter books is now an audiobook available on Audible and Amazon. Soon, it will also be available on iTunes.

Tala Ridge Shifters includes the first three audiobooks in the Tala Ridge Shifters series, a young adult paranormal urban fantasy.

Tala Ridge Alpha:

When two teenage wolf-shifter alphas square off, who survives? First introduced in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series, Terrell, the teenage alpha of the Tala Ridge Wolf Pack, faces leadership challenges he never expected. It's hard enough stepping into a role Terrell wasn't prepared for, but dealing with Buck, the teenaged alpha of the outcasts, is fraught with danger.

Is the pack safe with unknown wolves sniffing around? Will the two teen alphas find a way to work together? Or will the past they had no part in shaping make them enemies?

Tala Ridge Storm:

Just when Terrell thinks everything is calming down, a white-out blizzard arrives hours before expected, stranding a busload of second-graders in the middle of nowhere. Can the shifters of Tala Ridge arrive in time to prevent disaster? And if they do, can they face what's coming?

Tala Ridge Hunt:

The Huntsmen attack! With the king MIA and unable to help, the brother alphas must find a way to save the children of their packs. As if that isn't challenging enough, they must ensure the human children survive as well. In the midst of this problem, a new group of shifters moves to town. Friends? Foes? Only time will tell.

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Other News

I have contracted with Ray Gallagher to narrate the next two books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series, Wolf's Mission and Wolf's Huntsman. You can check him out on his YouTube account. Ray is deep in the narrative recording for Wolf's Mission. When he finishes that, he'll begin Wolf's Huntsman. I'll let you know when each is available.

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Three books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series
Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series