Monday, May 23, 2022

Dragon's Treasure Cover Jigsaw Puzzle

Dragon's Treasure Puzzle 

Dragon's Treasure Cover Puzzle

As I have with my other book covers, I have created an online jigsaw puzzle for Dragon's Treasure.

Online puzzles are great. You can't lose the pieces. You can do the puzzle as many times as you want to. And, you can explore the site for even more puzzles.

I'm not the only author who does this. As of the last search, there are 4,139 book cover puzzles on

I did a search for book covers to get that number of results.

Everything from nursery rhymes to first readers to comic books to romances to science fiction to fantasy to classics and more! There's bound to be a puzzle you will enjoy putting together. 


Take care and stay safe,

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Three books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series
Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Dragon's Treasure Published

Available on Amazon

Dragon's Treasure Cover

While working on Tala Ridge Witch, I realized that Magnus, the dragon who slept for a century in the caves behind the Tala Ridge chalet, would be a necessary character for the plot. 

At the weekly (sort of) writer's meeting I attend, we were asked to write about being banned from the library and how and why it happened. With Magnus on my mind, he was the perfect main character for the story. After writing for five minutes, time was called, and I realized I had the beginnings of a story that fit with Tala Ridge Witch.

I intended to make this story part of the book, but when it took 6,000+ words to finish it, I decided to make this a backstory and just touch on it in the book.

So, SURPRISE! I have a new, unplanned, unexpected (even by me!) short story about Magnus' first, and probably last, trip to the local library.


Never make a dragon shifter laugh...the flames can be deadly.

Yeah, it's pretty short, but it's all I could come up with without giving away the plot.

As usual, the story is enrolled in KindleUnlimited.


Take care and stay safe,

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Three books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series
Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Tala Ridge Witch Update: Cover Reveal

What's Going on with Tala Ridge Witch?

Here is the cover of the next book in the Tala Ridge Shifters series.

While working on what I thought was a chapter of Tala Ridge Witch, I realized it was a completely separate, but background, story about Magnus.

So, I am writing a short story about Magnus and Bess titled Dragon's Treasure. This story will explain why Magnus moves to the Tala Ridge Ranch for a while with his mate, Bess. 

Here's a snip of Dragon's Treasure:

A frown marred Magnus' face. “Romeo and Juliet?”

“It’s about star-crossed lovers. The Montagues and the Capulets were enemies. Their kids met and fell in love. It’s so sad. They both die.”

Magnus’ mouth dropped open. He opened the book he held, found Romeo and Juliette in the table of contents, and thumbed through the book until he found the first page of the story. After reading two pages, he snickered. By page five, he was laughing out loud, his robust voice filling the library.

“Shhh, Magnus! You can’t be so loud in here.”

He laughed until he choked. With each breath, first smoke, then flames flashed from his mouth, setting the book in his hands and the library table beyond it on fire. Bess squealed and started beating the flames with her denim jacket, but dragon fire was too hot to beat out. Magnus was laughing so hard, he was no help. He couldn’t pull the flames back. Bess inhaled sulfurous smoke and started coughing. Somewhere, a smoke alarm started blaring.

Suddenly realizing he was endangering his mate, he coughed once, then sucked in all the flames, leaving the book a pile of ashes at his feet and the table badly burned. “Bess, are you alright?”

Waving a hand in front of her face to try to get a clean breath of air, she shook her head. “What are you doing?”

Magnus sucked in the smoke and held it until it soaked into his lungs. As a dragon, smoke and flames didn’t damage him, but his mate was a bear shifter. She could not only be hurt, but she could die if the smoke inhalation was severe. He caught her shoulders in his hands and held her away from him, inspecting her face. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll be okay. Give me a minute for my lungs to heal.”

Four men wearing helmets, turnout jackets, and pants rushed into the back of the library hauling a fire hose with them. Finding no fire, they stopped and stared at the burned table. As one, they turned and looked at Magnus.

He looked down at his scorched clothes and swallowed hard. “Uh oh.”

Other News

Free Books 

Today, May 21, 2022, through May 25, 2022, I am setting two of my short books, Wolf's Heart and Wolf's Sorrow, free on Amazon! If you don't have them, be sure to get them. If you do, please let your book friends know they can get them free for a limited time! 

Audiobook: Wolf's Man

I have selected Brian A. Powell and Warittha S. Powell as narrators for Wolf's Man. Their audition was fantastic. I look forward to hearing their rendition of the rest of the book. My target date was a bit off for what will be required for the narrators to complete the work and for ACX to approve it and publish it. When I have a solid target date, I will let you know when the audiobook will be available. 

After my hospital scare, I am feeling much better. The meds prescribed seem to be helping. I am home and working again. I hope you, too, are doing well. 

Take care and stay safe,

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Wolf's Man Were Character Pronunciations

Character Pronunciations 

Did you ever wonder where the werewolf, werepanther, and werebear names came from? 

Some of the names I used for the animal characters, such as Koreth, I made up. 

Some I researched and found on the Internet. 

When I read the book out loud, I use specific pronunciations. 

So that you can hear how I say the names, I recorded them. Click the link below to hear the names pronounced:

Sound files for were names used in Wolf's Man.

(Sorry for the terrible background noises. I'm not really set up for quality audio recording. Which is why I needed a good narrator!)

Other News

Wolf's Man Audiobook

I have offered a contract for my narrator, and it's been accepted. If everything goes to plan, the audiobook for Wolf's Man should be available early in July. I'll provide more information on that as the time grows nearer.

Amazon Sales

For a limited time, Amazon has put two of my paperback books on sale. This sale did not originate with me, so I have no way of knowing how long the sale will last. 

Wolf's Duty

Regular Price: $14.98
Wolf's Destiny

Regular Price: $39.98

Take care and stay safe,

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Wolf's Victory Available in Paperback


Now Available in Paperback!

I said I would get this book published in paperback by the end of April. Due to my brief hospitalization, it was April 30 before I could get it uploaded to Amazon. It became available today, May 1, 2022.

If you have been waiting for the paperback edition of Wolf's Victory, it's available now. After reformatting to make sure it was the same physical size as Wolf's Destiny, I went through it and re-edited it, too. 

Wolf's Victory includes the last six books in the series:

  • Wolf's Queen
  • Wolf's Enemy
  • Wolf's Rage
  • Wolf's Quest
  • Wolf's Guard
  • Wolf's Duty

Other News

I am in the process of selecting a narrator for Wolf's Man. Soon, sometime in the future, I will have an audio version of the book. As each book becomes available in audio format, I will get the process started for the next one.

The work-in-progress (Tala Ridge Witch) is coming along. Starting Friday, I intend to start posting my weekly word count again. A few short stories are swimming around in my head, too.

My Health

During my short hospital stay, doctors have regulated my prescriptions so that I'm feeling much better. I still have lots of tests and visits ahead, but at least I'm not lost in a fog, anymore. Writing is fun again. For a while, it felt like work and too difficult to do.

Take care and stay safe,

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series