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Wolf's Son

When newborn Nate Rollins shifts just minutes
after he is born, his parents panic.

The ability to shift at birth is unheard of and is the hallmark of a powerful were.

Jackson, the pack Alpha and the baby’s uncle, is a jealous leader, murdering all who might ever have the power to overcome him.

Desperate to save his son from his twin, Grant takes his mate and baby and runs.

Nate could be the most powerful werewolf since Lycos . . . if they can escape Jackson’s clutches . . . if they can hide him from the Alpha . . . if they can keep him alive . . ..

When Jackson sends his Beta, Dustin, after them, Grant is determined to fight to the death for his family, if necessary.

Will Dustin try to return them to Jackson or will he help them escape when he learns the truth?

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