Thursday, July 15, 2021

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack: The Alpha King's Medallion

 Nate's Medallion

The Alpha's Medallion

Throughout the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack books, Nate wears his father's medallion which he was given in Wolf's Man.   

The exact appearance of the medallion isn't described, except that it is bronze. 

Since Snarl (Thorkell Leifsson), the ancient wolf shifter, is a Viking, the medallion is probably Norse. This medallion I found on Amazon looks about right.

The runes on this medallion are known as Vegvisir and were believed by the Vikings to protect and guide wayfarers.

This would make the Vegvisir work perfectly since Nate's father gave him the first one to protect him from the wolves hunting him. The other three he wears were spoils of the battle with his evil uncle in Wolf's Claim

In Wolf's Mission, Eli, Nate's foster- (later adopted-) brother also wears a medallion, though he can only wear one.

Is this similar to what you thought of when you read of Nate's medallion(s)? There are other possibilities below.

Other Possibilities

There are other designs that might work, too. Which is your favorite? The one above, or one of these?

Let me know which you think would work best.

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