Monday, May 31, 2021

Wolf's Heart Memorial Day Special!

Wolf's Heart Free Memorial Day - June 4!


Wolf's Heart is the story of how Jonathan, the Were King's Beta Wolf, meets his future mate. 

I've had several requests for the rest of Jonathan's story. They still have adventures to enjoy before getting together, but that story will come soon.

If you missed this story, or if you want to own it instead of reading a borrowed copy, click the link above or click the image at the right to get your copy.


Wolf shifters trusting vampires? Just not done. Or is it?

Wolf shifter Jonathan is on his way home from San Antonio when he finds a wrecked car with an unconscious woman behind the wheel.

Stacy, cold-blooded vampire that she is, quickly succumbs to the below-freezing temps after wrecking her car in an attempt to avoid hitting a doe.

She's never met a shifter before. Trusting him isn't a good idea.

The only vampire Jonathan ever met who didn't try to kill him was General Brighton. Trusting Stacy isn't smart.

Falling in love isn't smart, either.

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Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Tala Ridge Hunt Sneak Preview and Update

Tala Ridge Hunt Update

Tala Ridge Hunt Preview and Update

From my WIP, Tala Ridge Hunt:
“How’d you get away?”
“I used a you-can’t-see-me tarp to hide. We all used hunter’s spray to keep them from smelling us.” Jeffers peeked up at the Major, then ducked his head when anger flashed in the Major’s eyes.
“You just left them behind? You didn’t try to help your comrades?”
“Sir, they were too well guarded. I couldn’t get close, so I watched so I could report when I got to base. The wolves disarmed everyone and put them into a giant tent. Some Marine general came and talked with each of them, then they made them change clothes and remove all jewelry. They put them on buses and took them away. I don’t know where. I couldn’t get close enough to hear what they said.”
“Wait. They took off the rings?”
“Yes, Sir, Major, Sir.”
The Major’s eyes narrowed, and he glared at the private. “How long did you watch?”
“Until they gave the all-clear and the women and children came out of hiding.”
“How many children?”
“I don’t know, Sir. They aged from babies to late teens, though. There were several sets of twins. The alpha seemed really fond of a set of female twins.” He shrugged. “Maybe seven or eight years old.”
“His spawn?”
Jeffers shook his head. “No, Sir, at least I don’t think so. A blonde woman came out of the house carrying a baby girl. He kissed the woman and took the baby from her arms, so I think that was his mate.”
Major Baskett seemed lost in thought. After several long moments, he huffed and turned to face the front of the bus. Gable sighed and looked out the window again. Kids. Yes, if the Huntsmen were right…if shifters killed and ate humans, the kids had to die, too, but…kids. He didn’t think he could kill kids. Even as a matter of duty. Maybe it wouldn’t come to that.

Update and Other News

I can't provide a date for publication, yet. I'm still trying to get settled into my new home, but I am able to work on the book sporadically. Unfortunately, I am unable to lift or move heavy items right now, so I'm somewhat dependent on when my family can help.

Hopefully, by next week I'll be back to writing full-time. I have so many stories I want to write!

To find the Tala Ridge Shifters Series page, click here.

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Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series