Monday, May 31, 2021

Wolf's Heart Memorial Day Special!

Wolf's Heart Free Memorial Day - June 4!


Wolf's Heart is the story of how Jonathan, the Were King's Beta Wolf, meets his future mate. 

I've had several requests for the rest of Jonathan's story. They still have adventures to enjoy before getting together, but that story will come soon.

If you missed this story, or if you want to own it instead of reading a borrowed copy, click the link above or click the image at the right to get your copy.


Wolf shifters trusting vampires? Just not done. Or is it?

Wolf shifter Jonathan is on his way home from San Antonio when he finds a wrecked car with an unconscious woman behind the wheel.

Stacy, cold-blooded vampire that she is, quickly succumbs to the below-freezing temps after wrecking her car in an attempt to avoid hitting a doe.

She's never met a shifter before. Trusting him isn't a good idea.

The only vampire Jonathan ever met who didn't try to kill him was General Brighton. Trusting Stacy isn't smart.

Falling in love isn't smart, either.

Take care and stay safe,

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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