Sunday, May 26, 2019

Wolf's Mate: A New Short Story

Wolf's Mate Cover

Wolf's Mate

There are so many stories to tell in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series. Some, due to time or space constraints, get put aside for later.

After thinking about how to go about getting these stories told, I decided to write a group of short stories. Once I have a dozen or so written, I'll put them into an anthology of stories.

The first, Wolf's Sorrow, told some of Snarl's (Thorkell Ericsson) and his mate Freyja's back story.

The second short story, Wolf's Mate, tells some of Violet Heath's and Phillip Marston's story. Violet and her family became a part of the pack in Wolf's Rage. As former humans, Violet and her sister don't always know how to deal with living among wolf shifters.

In Wolf's Guard, the Heath family is now living on the Rollins Ranch, and Violet endures her first day of teaching shifter children at their private school. The events in Wolf's Mate actually occur the evening after her first day as a shifter teacher and give a little insight into how Phillip knew what he needed to know at the end of the Wolf's Guard.

This story is part of their continuing story. They'll also be around in Wolf's Duty.


Made-wolf. Changeling. Shifter.

Whatever she called it, Violet still had trouble accepting that she was a werewolf. All she ever wanted was to be a teacher. Teaching shifter children? Not even on her radar. Until her former fiance tried to kill her and the pack alpha changed her to save her life.
As a former Huntsman and a human, Phillip has been taught to hunt and kill wolf shifters. Now, he's learned shifters aren't the killers he was taught they were. He's surprised to find himself drawn to a wolf shifter, even if she was recently human. But her gorgeous red hair and dark, mysterious eyes pull him to her.
Can Phillip convince her that he's the mate for her?

You can find more of my short stories on my Short Fiction page.


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