Saturday, May 11, 2019

Wolf's Man: New Cover

Wolf's Man has a New Cover!

As an indie author, I am a lifetime learner. Recently, I learned that my first six covers are not totally to market.

What this means is that the people most likely to read my books will pass on them, because there isn't an expected component added to the cover.

My series, Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, is about wolf, panther, and bear shifters, among others, but the first six books in the series do not have wolves on the cover. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating the covers of all six books.

The first, Wolf's Man, has been submitted and should be available on Amazon soon.

So, what do you think? Like this one better, or like the old one better?

New Wolf's Man Puzzle

For readers who also enjoy working online jigsaw puzzles, I've created a new puzzle for this new cover. The puzzle has 120 pieces.  Enjoy!

The old book cover will continue to be available as a puzzle, too.


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