Monday, May 13, 2019

Wolf's Claim has a New Cover!

Updated Cover for Wolf's Claim!

The Wolf's Claim cover now displays the wolf from the later books in the series.

The cover should show up in Amazon within the next 72 hours!

In the ongoing process of improving my writing and my marketing, I am continuing the effort to update all my first six books to include a wolf.

Why go to the trouble of changing or updating these six covers?

Part of it is to make the book covers match genre and market tropes for my books.

In some ways, the book series is hard to market. The books are paranormal romance/suspense/thriller/action/adventure mash-ups, but primarily the stories are about the characters and their loves.

Suspense/thriller readers who enjoy shifters seem to like them as much as paranormal romance readers do.

As I go through the books to prepare for the new covers, I am fixing some of the continuity errors in the series. The action and plot are still the same. The changes I've made do not affect the story, but I think will make the series better overall.

If you read them again after the books are all updated, I would love to hear what you think.

New Wolf's Claim Puzzle Available!

The new Wolf's Claim cover is a puzzle, too. The old cover is still available to work as a puzzle, too. This one has 130 rotatable pieces.
If you like working jigsaw puzzles, check it out.

Other News

Wolf's Guard, the newest book in the series, has been well received. I am so thankful. It's hard to know while you're writing a book if you are doing a good job or flubbing everything up.

The next book to get a make-over/update is Wolf's Mission. I'll post and let you know when it's done.


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