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Naming New Characters

Choosing a Character's Name

Occasionally, a character's name appears on the page without my making a conscious decision. It just shows up while I am writing. This doesn't happen often. Once in a great while, I'll make up a name. Especially if my character is an alien or an elf, but I don't do that for most characters.

Most of the time, I research names and meanings to find the right name, or in the case of my were-characters, names. Except for werelions. (Lions are too arrogant to allow their beasts to have a separate name.)

The name not only has to look and sound right for the character, if there is a deeper meaning to it, it has to match the character, too.

Researching Names

There are a few web pages that I like to peruse, but when looking for a specific name, for instance, a character from a specific country and/or century, I will do a web search. Then my search string might be something like, "male names 17th century England" which returns the list below.


After selecting a link, I'll go to the site and hopefully find an appropriate name for my character.

Some of my favorite name sites include:

If I can't find what I need at those sites, I do a search.

Characters of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

As you might think, writing a series with so many names can be confusing. For both the writer and the reader. To keep the names and their relationships in mind, I created a chart. Some of these characters were only mentioned in passing, or I took note of them for future reference.

When the clowder is adopted by Nate in book 2, I added the names of all 26 new characters, even if they weren't specifically mentioned in the text. If you look closely, you'll see some names you haven't used, yet.

Click here to download the PDF of the chart below.

Characters of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series
| W=Werewolf | WC=Changeling | P=Werepanther | B=Werebear | H=Human | V=Vampire  | L=Lion |
| BC=Werebear Changeling | T=Tiger | F=Fox | CL=Clouded Leopard | C=Cougar  | J=Jaguar | PU=Puma |
Were Name
Nate Rollins (W)        Alpha Koreth 1,2,3,4,5,6 Brown hair, grey eyes
Janelle Hynson Rollins (W) Alpha’s Mate and Wife Nadrai 1,2,3,4,5,6 Blonde hair, green eyes
Curtis Thomas (WC) Alpha’s Adopted Father Albern 2,3,4,5,6
Cynthia Thomas (WC) Alpha’s Adopted Mother Hachi 2,3,4,5,6
Dustin Mercer (Dusty) (W)   Alpha’s 2nd Adopted Father Laethe 2,3,4,5,6
Ophelia Linette Rollins (W) Alpha's Daughter Tuathla (princess of the people) 4,5,6
Jonathan Dyers(W) Pack Beta Ezrath 1,2,3,4,5,6
Ben Garrett (P)  Father of Clowder Queen Marcel 1,2,3,4,5,6
Flora Garret (P)  Clowder Queen Leesha 1,2,3,4,5,6
Will Feyen (P)  Clowder Beta Eachann 1,2,3,4,5,6
Peyton Marston (WC)  Former Huntsman Colonel Krieges 4,5,6
General Brighton (V)  Former CO of Nate/Eli -- 1,2,3,4,5,6
Donald Dunn (H) Human Representative -- 3,4,5,6
Daryll Crane (B) Alpha of the Werebears Darcel 2,3,4,5,6
Thorkell Erikson (Snarl) (W) Alpha’s Bodyguard, Leif Eriksson's son Snarl 4,5,6 Viking, Erik the Red's grandson
Lorena Garret Former Panther Clowder Queen Rodesai 1,2 Ben's sister/Flora's aunt
Martin First Tom to Lorena unknown 1,2
Franklin Lorena's Oldest Son unknown 1,2
Jeffrey Lorena's Youngest Son unknown 2
Dottie Paddack (P)  Adrian’s Mom Urlah 2,3,4,5,6
Zoe Schneider (BC)   Former Huntsman Merka 4,5,6
Phillip Marston (H)  Former Huntsman -- 3,4,5,6 19 years old, dark hair, green eyes
Paige Marston (H) Former Huntsman -- 4,5,6 Blond, green eyes, 22 years old
Nettie Dietrich (W)   Widow of Trent Bradley Sachin 2,3,4,5,6
Trey Dietrich (W)  Nettie’s Teenage Son Faelan 2,3,4,5,6
Jim Feller (H)  Huntsman Major -- 5,6
Bess Crane (B) Daryll's Oldest Sister Vafara 2,3,4,5,6
Stella Crane (B) Daryll's Youngest Sister Jadira 2,3,4,5,6
Mason Langley (P) Ophelia's Fated Mate (10) Dace 5,6 Jace & BethAnn's Son
Ryan Neville (P) Mason's Father Padrig 5,6
Taylor Neville (P) Mason's Mother Zarita 5,6
Thorgunna (H) Leif Eriksson's wife -- 5
Thorgils Leifsson (H) Leif Eriksson's son -- 5
Mattie Dietrich (W) Nettie's Daughter Taith 2,3,4,5,6 Twin to Lettie
Lettie Dietrich (W) Nettie's Daughter Talina 2,3,4,5,6 Twin to Mattie
Eli Marshal Rollins (WC) Nate's Foster/Adopted Brother Jabril 1,2,3,4,5,6 Blonde hair
Renate Bianchi Rollins (W) Eli's Wife Salena 3,4,5,6
Captain Fischer (W) Head of Council Military Guard Lache 1,6
Secretary Bianchi (W) Secretary of State U.S. Celio 3,4 Renate's Father
Maria Schneider (H) Zoe's Mother, Former Huntsman -- 5,6
Gisele Schneider (H) Zoe's Aunt, Former Huntsman -- 5,6
Reese  (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (17) Ayden 1,2,3,4,5,6
Ethan (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (16) Baroi 1
Wyatt (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (16) Jaroth 1
Owen (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (14) Garyeth 1
Asher (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (15) Klaron 1
Bobby (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (17) Caslon 1,5,6
Isabella (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (16) Skylee 1,6
Gayle (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (14) Noreda 1
Paisley (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (16) Claralyn 1,6
Lisa (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (15) Kaylia 1,2,3,4,5,6
Amelie Turner (W) Surviving Teen Wolf (17) Aaliyah 1,2,3,4,5,6
Stan Rickert (P) Zane & Mia's son (12) Cathair 2
Lucas Langley(P) Jace & BethAnn's son (16) Juris 2
Adrian Paddock (P) Dottie's Son (18) Maaz 2,3,4,5,6
Arthur Nevelle (P) Ryan & Taylor's son (17) Gaagi 2
Paul Nevelle (P) Ryan & Taylor's son (12) Zabbai 2
Bekka Rickert (P) Zane & Mia's daughter  (6) Macyn 2
Sissy Paddack (P) Dottie's Daughter (10) Kecela 2
Lily Rickert (P) Zane & Mia's daughter (13) Kysa 2
Alecia Langley (P) Jace & BethAnn's Daughter (6) Fritha 2
Aspen Nevelle (P) (girl) Ryan & Taylor's daughter (17) Yamka 2
Maggie Paddack (P) Dottie's Daughter (16) Aini 2
Bella Nevelle (P) Jace & BethAnn's Daughter (6) Mausi 2
Tammi Rickert (P) Zane & Mia's daughter (3 mo) Othili 2 Twin to Harry
Harry Rickert (P) Zane & Mia's son (3 months) Cacue 2 Twin to Tammi
Deb Langley (P) Jace & BethAnn's Daughter (2) Obilai 2
Staci Wibert (P) Trevor's Mate Fola 2
Trevor Wibert (P) Staci's Mate Zaccur 2
BethAnn Langley (P) Jace's Mate Kordha 2
Jace Langley (P) BethAnn's Mate Mabud 2
Zane Rickert (P) Mia's Mate Ceard 2
Mia Rickert (P) Zane's Mate Gali 2
Seringi (L) Serengeti Pride African man--brother to Ajoni--first heir to the throne until Ajoni has an heir None 6 (Lions are too arrogant to allow their animals their own names)
Ajoni (L) King of Serengeti Pride African man none 6 (Lions are too arrogant to allow their animals their own names)
Kabarl (L) Beta to Serengeti Pride King African man  (Lions are too arrogant to allow their animals their own names) none 6 (Lions are too arrogant to allow their animals their own names)
Hansh (L) King of Gir Forest Pride India man none 6 (Lions are too arrogant to allow their animals their own names)
Ranbir (L) Beta to Gir Forest Pride India man none 6 (Lions are too arrogant to allow their animals their own names)
Akarsh (T) Alpha to  Kanha Ambush India native Ojas 6
Chirag (T) Beta to  Kanha  Ambush India native Himmat 6
Evgeni (T) Alpha to the Siberia Ambush Queen Fyodor 6 Dark hair, Russian
Gavriila (T) Siberia Ambush Beta Atlai 6 Dark haired Russian (female)
 Izzat (CL) Patriarch to the Borneo Leap Raafi 6 Mocha skin, Eurasian eyes, brown hair
 Basila (CL) Matriarch to the Borneo Leap Baysan 6 Mocha skin, Eurasian eyes, brown hair
 Victoria (C ) Queen to the Tennessee Highland Rim Pride Gawonii 6 Cherokee heritage
Ray (C ) Beta to the Tennessee Highland Rim Pride Degataga 6 Cherokee heritage
 Ji-ae (F)  Queen Vixen Daegu Skulk (South Korea) Kyuri 6
Keiji (F) Beta Tod Daegu Skulk (South Korea) Chul 6
Everette (W) Alpha Colorado Pack Veolti 6
Karena (W) Beta Colorado Pack Tareta 6
John (W) Alpha Oklahoma Pack Wolcai 6
Winston (W) Beta Oklahoma Pack Bliden 6
Lee Hill (H) Black Huntsman Colonel (24) -- 6 Youngest colonel in Huntsman org., in love with Paige, though Paige thinks of him as a friend
Camila (J) Queen of Amazon Basin Jaguars Noa 6
Matias (J) Queens' Tom of Amazon Basin Jaguars Axel 6
Halyna (PU) Queen of Alberta Pumas  Lera 6 Ukranian descent
Bohdan (PU) Queen's Tom of Alberta Puma  Pylap 6 Ukranian descent
Dr. Timothy Travis 1/2 wolf, 1/2 human No wolf (yet?) 7 not able to shift
Blayze Arquero (B) Daryll's beta Rorex P1 Dark hair, dark eyes, heavy, but muscular build, former enforcer

If you are a writer, how do you come up with names for your characters?


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Panther's Heart: A New Story in the Texas Wolf Pack World


Panther's Heart was renamed Wolf's Queen. You can read about it here: Wolf's Queen

Panther's Heart: The Next Story in the Texas Wolf Pack World

Now that Wolf's Destiny, the box set of the first six books is published, I am working on three different books. I mentioned two of them, To Risk the Unicorn and Pirates, in a February 12 post.

I also mentioned working on more shifter stories in the Texas Wolf Pack World. At this point, I have over 10,000 words complete on Panther's Heart: Texas Wolf Pack Panther Clowder.

This is Flora and Will's story and begins just after the pack's return from the attack on the Oklahoma Huntsmen Headquarters in Book 6, Wolf's Reign.

Flora and Will must deal with his head injury. At the same time, Flora's widowed father, Ben, and Dottie will enter a new phase of their lives.

I hope my readers enjoy reading the stories as much as I love writing them.

This is a short excerpt from chapter 8:

Flora kept her arm tight around Will’s waist and took another step with him. After a restless night, he was even more fidgety. Even though the doctor said to walk once a day, he was pushing himself. Twice now, she found him trying to walk alone when she left the room for more than a few seconds. “Slow down,” she muttered. “You have plenty of time to get better.”
His stubborn eyes met her gaze. He shook his head and took another step. “I have work to do. Can’t stay in bed all day.”
“You are excused from work until you are well.”
“And if I don’t get well?” 
Flora frowned at the blush that stained his cheeks. “Will . . ..”
Still stubborn, he ignored her and took another step. “I have to get better.”
She sighed and took a stronger hold on his waist. When they finally got to the door then back to his hospital bed, she was relieved. A relief that didn’t last. He turned and took another step back toward the door. “That’s enough, Will. You’re trembling.”
Pulling him to the bed, she gently pushed him to sit on the edge. Standing straight, right thumb tucked in her front jeans pocket, she studied him. He turned his face away from her, but not before she saw the anguish in his eyes. With a soft breath, she pulled her hand from her pocket and took his hand. “Will, what’s wrong? Let me help.”
“You can’t.”
Fingers curled under his chin, she pulled his face toward her. The moisture in his eyes surprised her. Dr. Travis said he may be emotional for a while. At Leesha’s reminder, Flora swallowed. “Will . . ..”
“Go away, Flora.” He swallowed and turned his head to face the opposite wall. “Just go away.”
Flora blinked. Go away? She huffed. “I’m your Queen, Will. You’re my tom. My beta. Don’t tell me to go away!”
His shoulders curled tight, and he leaned away from her. Flora put her hand on his shoulder. “Will.” 
When she tugged on him, his shoulder twitched. “I’m nothing. I can’t shift without you or Nate helping. I can’t even walk by myself. I’m no good to you, now. Go away, Flora. Find another tom.”
Will’s words echoed in her mind. The pain in her chest, the one she thought would kill her when his heart stopped at the hospital, hit her. Shaking with agony, she fisted her right hand and pressed it against the pain. “I can’t do that.”
He looked at her. Anguish swam in his eyes. “You have to. I can’t protect you.”
She shook her head. The words she whispered seemed torn from her very soul. “I won’t. I can’t. You’re my mate. Mine! I won’t live without you.”
“Mate?” His shoulders grew even tighter, his back straighter.
Bowing her head, she felt hot liquid run down her cheeks. “I thought you died. I wanted to die with you.” She swallowed, sniffed, then took a deep breath. “Right now, it’s my turn to protect you. The clowder and pack will protect us both until you are well enough.” She sniffed. “Besides, I can take care of myself, you know.”
She felt him turn toward her, but she couldn’t look at him. How he could think she would want another? Never! Mate! The pain and anger in her panther’s thoughts matched her own.
“You’re crying.” His hand cupped her face. “Ah, Flora, don’t cry. I don’t deserve your tears.”
Wordlessly, she leaned against him. He nuzzled his face into her hair, sniffing. He caught his breath, then sniffed again. “Flora.” She pulled back and met his gaze. His eyes searched her face, and he swallowed. His eyes glowed with the power of his panther. Reverently, he lifted her hand, kissed her fingers, then lightly ran his tongue over her fingertips. He closed his eyes and swallowed.
His mouth worked as if he was trying to speak, but no words came out. He cleared his throat, swallowed, then tried again. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “You deserve so much more.”

“I don’t want more. I want you.”

Back to writing! Later,