Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Need Low-Cost Entertainment? Consider E-Books!

My Kindle Fire

Need Low-Cost Entertainment?

With businesses and schools closed, reports are that many families are turning to books for entertainment and home education. The major problem with that is the cost.

The cost of a book is largely controlled by the manufacturing process. However, ebooks don't have as many costs as paperbacks, so they could be a better deal right now.


I read Amazon's Kindle ebooks on the Kindle Fire (see left) that I received as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Occasionally, I read on my computer screen.

However, Kindle books can be read on a phone, or on any device that can download the free Kindle Reader. These devices include Android, iPad, and Mac and Windows computers.

The Kindle App is available from the Apple App Store
Google Play, or download from Amazon for PC & Mac.
As of May 2019, Amazon had over a million books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Personally, my reading is almost exclusively on Kindle Unlimited (KU).

With a fixed income, I don't have the funds to purchase as many books as I read. Nor do I have time to travel back and forth to the library. Even if I did, our town library, like most others across the country, is closed until the pandemic is over.

So, for $9.99 a month, I am able to read as much as I want to read in a huge variety of genre fiction categories and even in nonfiction.

Non-fiction available includes cookbooks, how-to, business, self-help, educational, and more. Kid's books are in KU, too!

KU subscribers can borrow up to 10 books at a time, then return them to borrow more. As far as I know, there isn't a limit on how many you can borrow each month, just those 10 books at any one time. If there is, I haven't hit it, yet, and I read a lot of books.


Amazon is offering a trial membership free for 2 months.

Just to be clear, I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means if you click on the links in this or any other article on this blog, and then make a purchase, I will receive a small advertisers fee at no cost to you.

As a fixed income family, this is one of many ways I use to bring in a little extra income to help cover living expenses and the costs of producing my books. If you'd rather purchase from a clean, unaffiliated link, simply go to Amazon and search for the products you are interested in purchasing.

All but one of my books, Viper Pit, is available in Kindle Unlimited, and that one is available at Barnes and Noble at no cost. I've tried to get Amazon to reduce the price to match, but so far they haven't done so.

One reader told me she'd rather buy my books than borrow them so that I would receive royalties. The good news is that Amazon pays royalties to authors whose books are borrowed through Kindle Unlimited, too. For each page read, the author receives a fraction of a cent.

It may not sound like much, but it does add up. Most of my author income comes from the royalties I receive for borrowed and read books. So, it's a win for the reader and a win for the author, too.

My sincere and heartfelt hope is that you and your family stay safe and healthy during these trying times.

Take care.


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