Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tala Ridge Alpha Update

Tala Ridge Alpha Update

Since the lockdown started, we've been at home all but three days. 

Twice, two weeks apart, we went to purchase groceries. Once, we took a drive just to get out of the house for a bit. 

We didn't have the gas to go far, and even with prices low, we didn't want to stop for more. We saw several vehicles on the road but didn't stop anywhere. 

So, with all that time at home, you'd think I could get a lot of writing done. 

Truth is, I have gotten some done, but not as much as I wish. 

I've had to spend more time cooking (and washing dishes) than is normal, and I've been trying to get my sewing machine to work. It sews, now, but still has problems. 

I've been asked to sew masks for some local people, as well as other items. With my machine acting wonky, I'll get it done, it just takes a lot more time. I even thought about buying a new machine, but there's not a retail place within driving distance that isn't sold out of them.

Even so, I'm up to 23,159 words on Tala Ridge Alpha. Right now, I'm in the middle of writing the major conflict and climax. After that, I still have some minor conflicts to tidy up, as well as set up the next book in the series. I've run into a few snags, though. 

I need to contact a friend who has a background in police work to make sure I don't make glaring mistakes in the way I handle some upcoming scenes. It would be much easier face-to-face, but it will have to be done by phone. 

Here's a snip from my WIP, Tala Ridge Alpha:

Terrell stood on the second-story porch, clenched fists resting on the snow-laden rail, while he stared unseeing over the trees at the waning moon. Trying to remember his early life. Trying to remember the things the pack told him. He had no doubt they were true, but the events they related didn’t match his memories. Memories his father must have planted.

The lemony tang of truth had filled the room while the pack reluctantly told him about the night his father killed both Dana’s human mother and Terrell’s shifter mother. Ainle’s sorrow howled through his mind. In his distraught state, he couldn’t comfort the wolf. He had no comfort to give. Now, he had to find a way to tell his half-sister what happened to her mother. At least it could wait for a while since she left for Texas with her adopted parents over the weekend.

The door behind him opened, then quietly closed. Snow crunched beneath boots, but no one spoke. Terrell sniffed and recognized Josh. Though comforted by his friend’s presence, he perversely wished he was alone. He couldn’t believe his father did something so despicable. He knew the man was evil, but . . ..

Terrell sniffed, took a gasping breath, and blinked to hold back the angry tears that threatened. “How could he do that, Josh? How could he murder Dana’s mother and my mom? And then turn on the pack like that?”

Josh stepped up to the rail, one hand in his jacket pocket, the other holding Terrell’s jacket. Terrell glanced at the jacket held out to him, then turned his gaze back to the moon. The cold bit into his bare arms, but he didn’t want the coat. He didn’t deserve the warmth. Sighing, wordlessly letting Terrell know he was there if he was needed, Josh draped the jacket over Terrell’s shoulders.

One tear slipped through Terrell’s control and trekked down his cheek. “No wonder they’re so afraid of me. How do I fix this?” He spun to face Josh, his jacket falling to the snowy porch. “How?”

Josh shook his head. “I don’t know, Alpha.”

“Yeah. Neither do I.” He hesitated, then whispered, “He had to be insane. What if, what if I’m like him?”

“You’re not. King Nate wouldn’t have placed you as alpha if you were.”

Slapping mounded snow off the rail, Terrell stalked back inside. Ainle whined in his mind, but with the distress crushing him, Terrell didn’t know how to comfort either of them.

I hope you and those you love are healthy and safe.

Take care,

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