Thursday, May 12, 2022

Wolf's Man Were Character Pronunciations

Character Pronunciations 

Did you ever wonder where the werewolf, werepanther, and werebear names came from? 

Some of the names I used for the animal characters, such as Koreth, I made up. 

Some I researched and found on the Internet. 

When I read the book out loud, I use specific pronunciations. 

So that you can hear how I say the names, I recorded them. Click the link below to hear the names pronounced:

Sound files for were names used in Wolf's Man.

(Sorry for the terrible background noises. I'm not really set up for quality audio recording. Which is why I needed a good narrator!)

Other News

Wolf's Man Audiobook

I have offered a contract for my narrator, and it's been accepted. If everything goes to plan, the audiobook for Wolf's Man should be available early in July. I'll provide more information on that as the time grows nearer.

Amazon Sales

For a limited time, Amazon has put two of my paperback books on sale. This sale did not originate with me, so I have no way of knowing how long the sale will last. 

Wolf's Duty

Regular Price: $14.98
Wolf's Destiny

Regular Price: $39.98

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