Sunday, May 22, 2022

Dragon's Treasure Published

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While working on Tala Ridge Witch, I realized that Magnus, the dragon who slept for a century in the caves behind the Tala Ridge chalet, would be a necessary character for the plot. 

At the weekly (sort of) writer's meeting I attend, we were asked to write about being banned from the library and how and why it happened. With Magnus on my mind, he was the perfect main character for the story. After writing for five minutes, time was called, and I realized I had the beginnings of a story that fit with Tala Ridge Witch.

I intended to make this story part of the book, but when it took 6,000+ words to finish it, I decided to make this a backstory and just touch on it in the book.

So, SURPRISE! I have a new, unplanned, unexpected (even by me!) short story about Magnus' first, and probably last, trip to the local library.


Never make a dragon shifter laugh...the flames can be deadly.

Yeah, it's pretty short, but it's all I could come up with without giving away the plot.

As usual, the story is enrolled in KindleUnlimited.


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