Wolf's Enemy

Rogue vampires attack!


Human-raised Nate Rollins struggles to unite all werekind, worldwide, into one kingdom.

Building a kingdom is hard when you don’t have a country of your own.

With enemies attacking his family and pack, Nate must defend them all while striving to fulfill the charge given him by the Progenitors. 

But that's not easy when both human and were leaders don't yet have a reason to trust him.


As Nate's step-father, Dusty was tortured for two full decades for preventing evil forces from finding his step-son before he could protect himself.

With Nate grown and his captivity over, all Dusty wants is to settle down with his true mate and create a blended family.

But every time he approaches her, she runs.


Widowed, Nettie won't take the risk her true mate will be as evil as the alpha she was forced to mate.

After years of spousal abuse, the thought of mating again is terrifying.

Even if her true mate is the king's step-father.

Besieged by enemies within and without, will Nate keep his people safe, or will rogue vampires destroy the were and enslave humans?

Book 7 of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series!

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Lynn Nodima's books do not contain profanity or sex and are suitable for teens and adults.