Wolf's Guard

Rogue werewolves attack the White House!

Nate, king of all shifters, not only has to deal with the werewolf threat, but he must also deal with the consequences of being outed to the public. 
No one said being the king of all shifters would be easy. 
No one said it would be this hard, either.
Meanwhile, Bess finds her mate in the queen's kitchen. 
Learning he's a dragon is almost too much.
Bess doesn't need a man to be happy. 
Especially not one who keeps his foot in his mouth.
As the only dragon on Earth, Magnus never expects to find a mate. 
When he sees Bess, he knows she's the bear for him. 

But she won't have anything to do with him, and everything he does seems to shove her away.

Book 11 of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series!

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