Wolf's Mate

Made-wolf. Changeling. Shifter.


Whatever she called it, Violet still had trouble accepting that she was a werewolf. 

All she ever wanted was to be a teacher. 

Teaching shifter children? Not even on her radar. 

Until her former fiance tried to kill her and the pack alpha changed her to save her life.


As a former Huntsman and a human, Phillip has been taught to hunt and kill wolf shifters. 

Now, he's learned shifters aren't the killers he was taught they were. 

He's surprised to find himself drawn to a wolf shifter, even if she was recently human. 

But her gorgeous red hair and dark, mysterious eyes pull him to her.

Can Phillip convince her that he's the mate for her?

This story occurs during the first half of Wolf's Guard,

book 11 in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series.

A Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Companion Novella!
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Lynn Nodima's books do not contain profanity or sex and are suitable for teens and adults.