Wolf's Mission

The president's life depends 

on the rescue of a werewolf...

Black Forest Huntsmen capture a werewolf's daughter to force him to commit treason.

To prevent the president's assassination, resulting in a human/were war, her father asks Nate, a powerful Alpha, and his foster-brother Eli, a human changeling werewolf, to save her.

With just two days to rescue her and stop the Huntsmen's dire plan, the two werewolves, both elite soldiers, rush to rescue her.

Black Forest Huntsmen hunt werewolves. Their goal?

Hunt them to extinction. 

For two centuries, werewolves migrated to the United States to escape the Huntsmen. 

After three generations, the Huntsmen are only stories that frighten young werewolves.

But the Huntsmen are real.

And if the Black Forest Huntsmen force the girl's father to assassinate the president, a human/were war may erupt.

Eli and Nate must do everything in their power to rescue the girl and defuse the situation. 

Will they be in time to prevent the human/were war the Huntsmen are attempting to start?

Or is the future drenched in the blood of innocent humans and werewolves?

Book 3 of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series!

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Lynn Nodima's books do not contain profanity or sex and are suitable for teens and adults.