Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Reboot

Wolf's Reign Moves to Book 6: Book 5 Becomes Wolf's Trust

Book 5 of this series has been a problem child. Books 1 through 4 rushed through the keyboard to the screen, but Book 5 has been kicking and screaming since I started writing it.

But I finally, Finally, figured out the problem. I will still use the book cover I designed for Wolf's Reign. However, Wolf's Reign will not publish until September. Wolf's Trust will publish as book 5. The preliminary cover for Wolf's Trust is shown at the left.

First I thought it was because I wrote the chapters in the wrong order. Then I realized at least one chapter belonged in a separate book. At nearly 29,000 words, the reason occurred to me. I'm trying to write the last book in the series and this isn't the last book.

Instead of rushing to the final series climax, which I have been trying to do (with less than 10,000 words to go), I stopped and took a hard look at the book I have written so far. Yes, it is still part of the series. Yes, it is book 5. No, it's not the last in the series, as I thought.

Book 5 takes a side-step and pulls in the story of two of the less prominent characters who will, nevertheless, have important roles in concluding the mess they are all in.


In Book 4, Zoe and Paige go to the ranch to rescue Phillip, only to learn he doesn't want to be rescued. Zoe makes some bad decisions and is injured.

Wolf's Trust

Book 5 picks up after Zoe is released from the hospital and follows Zoe and Daryll, a werebear enforcer, as they help Nate determine what to do about the Black Forest Huntsmen.

The chapter I previously posted as chapter 1 for Wolf's Reign is now chapter 8 in Wolf's Trust. Wolf's Reign will begin immediately following the end of Wolf's Trust.

Whew! I suppose if I was a plotter writer instead of a pantser writer, this wouldn't have happened. But then, the way I write, if I plotted it, the story wouldn't follow the plot anyway. My characters drive my fiction and tell the story. If I try to tell them what happens next, they revolt and refuse to let me write. And that is just what happened with this book. After I made the changes, I wrote nearly 7,000 words yesterday. Before that, I was only able to force about 500 words a day.

So, I'm back on track. Book 5, Wolf's Trust, should be out before the end of August.

Tomorrow, I'll post the first two chapters of Wolf's Trust.

Thank you for your patience.


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