Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Large Print Edition Wolf's Man

Large Print Edition: Wolf's Man

Wolf's Man is now available as a large print paperback edition!

The other books in the series will also be offered in large print editions over the next few months, one approximately every two weeks. The text is 16 point type to make reading a more pleasant experience.

The first time I saw a large print section in a library, I was surprised. It never occurred to me at the age of fourteen or fifteen years old that there was a need for it. After thinking about it, though, I realized my grandparents would probably be more comfortable reading large print editions.

Fast forward to the current time. Now, I'm the grandparent. While I can still read 11 or 12 point text, it isn't easy. Especially, if my reading glasses aren't handy. (My arms are just too short!)

With a population that is growing older, there comes a time that most people have trouble reading normal font sizes. At the same time, I and others like me still love to read. For this reason, I've decided to add a large print edition to my paranormal romance/suspense series.

At the same time, I balked at increasing the price. I'm a big woman. It's hard to find shoes wide enough, and I have to shop at specialty stores for clothes. As a woman who also sews, and therefore knows that it doesn't often require more yardage to make a dress for me than for a smaller woman (unless she's really tiny), it infuriates me that I have to pay $5 or $10 more for the same blouse than smaller women. Especially when I know the extra fabric, etc., would have been scrap from making the same item in a smaller size.

There is an entire industry determined to make more on people who don't fit a specific mold, whether it be physical, medical, or other. For instance, the same nebulizer machine that an asthmatic would use for medication can be used to aerate an aquarium. I know this because my dad purchased old nebulizers at yard sales to pump air into an aquarium for fishing minnows. It makes sense to my weird brain, then, that the same pump used for an aquarium (filtered properly) would work as a nebulizer. 

When I mentioned this to my doctor several years ago, he was surprised at the thought, then agreed. You can purchase an aquarium pump for less than $10. If you purchase a nebulizer online, the price starts at $20 and goes up. And if it's a prescription? You better have insurance. Before I was smart enough to search online for the best price, the last prescription nebulizer I purchased was over $400. Just because it's medical and prescription, the price goes way, way up.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. It really irks me to have something go up in price when the cost to create that same item in a slightly larger size or different format/style doesn't go up enough to warrant it. Therefore, I have decided that the large print paperback edition of my books will be the same price as the regular paperback editions.

Thank you to Joanna Penn for her brilliant idea of making large print editions! If you enjoy writing or think you would be interested in trying, Joanna has a great podcast and blog with tons of helpful information!


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