Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Panther's Choice: A Halloween Short Story


Panther's Choice: New Short Story

October 21-25, 2020, this short story is available at no cost. After the special, you can read it with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

Don't have a KU subscription? Click the link at the bottom of the article for a free two-month trial. 

Panther's Choice is the story I've been working on while working out plot issues in my WIP, Tala Ridge Storm (Book 2 of the Tala Ridge Shifters series). I'm still hoping to finish Tala Ridge Storm before the end of October.

However, while working on the next novel/novella in the series, I sometimes need a break to figure out a plot point. During those times, I work on shorter fiction. 

In the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, Nate asked Ben and Dottie to take over managing the Texas Bay Inn and the World Enclave Representatives that stay there. 

Dottie's daughter, Marsha, isn't happy being forced to leave the ranch and her friends. Then the Russian Siberian Ambush Queen and her son come to visit.


Big Cat Shifters and Halloween?

Artur, son of the Russian Tiger Ambush Queen, sneaks out to participate in the humans' celebration of Halloween. 

Marsha, adopted sister of the Texas Clowder Queen, can't let him go alone. 

Two shifter teens roaming the streets while humans trick or treat...

What could go wrong?

I hope you and your family are healthy and happy.

Take care and be safe,

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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