Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Out-Take from Tala Ridge Storm

Writing Differing Points-of-View

Occasionally, when I am writing, I have trouble deciding who to make the point-of-view (POV) character for a scene or chapter. When that happens, I write the same scene from multiple viewpoints to see which works best.

While writing Tala Ridge Storm, I came to a section where I didn't know who I wanted to be the character through whom the story would be told. I wrote it from three different POVs. After reviewing them, I chose to keep two POVs, something I often do. However, Johnna's POV was overkill, so I decided to delete it. 

While I continue my editing on Tala Ridge Storm in preparation for publication later this week, I wanted to give you a chance to get a sneak peek.

This section is short, but I hope it is intriguing.

Out-Take of the Mountain Lion Battle

Jerking the zipper down, Johnna shimmied out of the sleeping bag, climbed down the side of the sleigh, and rushed toward the screams. A wall resolved out of the darkness. One hand on her weapon, the other hand sliding along the wall in case the wind picked up and started throwing snow around again, she hurried around the corner.

A lantern on the ground illuminated the scene. Her niece, Cally, cowered against a shed wall, eyes clenched shut. Six feet in front of her, four wolves fought a mountain lion. Another shimmered into Terrell and rushed to a smaller wolf. Ripped flesh and fur matted with blood gleamed blackly in the lantern light.

A fierce growl pulled her gaze back to the fight. One of the largest wolves jumped on the lion’s back, his jaws closing over the lion’s neck. His weight pushed the lion to the ground. The other wolves piled on top, forcing the lion to stay down. Shaking his head from side-to-side, the wolf snapped the lion’s neck. With a last snarl and a feline scream, the lion kicked twice, then stilled. A whimper pulled her gaze back to her niece.

“Cally!” Johnna dropped to her knees beside the girl and pulled her into her arms. “Cally, Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Cally peered at her through damp, overly bright eyes. “Aunt Johnna? You’re a wolf?”

“No, baby. I’m human, just like you.” Aunt Johnna rocked her, trying to calm her. “Shhh. Sweetheart. It’s over.”


Terrell looked up from the wolf he held when Cally wailed and shook her head. “They’re gonna kill us, Aunt Johnna. Werewolves always kill the people who know about them!”

Other News

In the months ahead, I will be collaborating on projects with two authors who may be new to you. Stay tuned for more information.

Back to editing Tala Ridge Storm!

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