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Wolf's Man 


Werecats are out to get her . . .. 

While Janelle is away at college, a tribe of werecats encroaches on pack territory. When she returns home for senior spring break, she finds the entire pack slaughtered, even the pups, and the smell of werecat is strong.

 Evading the two cats hunting for her, she jumps into the SUV of a handsome man sitting at a red light. With his help, she gets away from the cats, temporarily. 

However, things are not as they seem. The man she car-jacks is a vacationing cop with a secret even he doesn't know. 

Will she be arrested, or will this Adonis in a t-shirt drive her to safety? 


Wolf's Man--New Cover

The cover has changed!

Wolf's Man, my newest book, is live on Amazon today and is available in ebook or paperback.

How the Story Came to Be

Publishing a new book is exciting, and is the culmination of weeks of work. The idea came from the book cover. I recently decided I would like to try my hand at creating book covers for indie authors. Wolf's Man is the first I created in this endeavor.

However, as I worked on the cover, the story just blossomed in my mind. Instead of creating a cover for someone else, I used it myself.  I guess I won't get very far in creating pre-made book covers for the indie market if I decide to use each one I create. (She shrugs.) I have created covers for other books, but they were for books already written. This one just spoke to me.

This book is the first of a series. I have a list of characters who want their stories told, as well as backstories that need to be filled in.

Excerpt from Wolf's Man

Chapter 1

Janelle stepped back into the deep shadows of an alley, sniffing the air. Bustling pedestrians rushed past her on the city sidewalk, not noticing her still form. So many people. So many cars. So many scents to sift through. For a moment, she thought perhaps she had imagined the strong werecat smell, then a light breeze caressed her face, and she caught it, again. Sniffing several times, she finally located the source. Two men, one blonde and the other brunette, stood on the sidewalk across the street, the blonde talking on a cell. The brunette sniffed to catch her scent. Both were dressed in dark jackets and black jeans. The one on the phone turned to look back up the street. His jacket fell open, and Janelle saw the gun holstered beneath his arm.
The traffic signal at the corner north of her changed to amber, then red. Cars on her side of the street slowed and stopped, while vehicles in the opposite lanes slowly picked up speed. All this was peripheral awareness, while she searched for a way to get away from the two men. She glanced behind her and muttered a curse when she saw the alley ended in a brick wall. Anger simmered, bringing a red glow to her eyes.  It’s not enough they slaughtered my pack, now they are hunting me.
Feeling the charge of electricity dance across her skin that preceded the change, she realized her eyes were glowing red. She looked down at the pavement and struggled to control herself before she changed and gave herself away. One cat she might be able to fight off. Not two. And not in front of humans. With no other options, she glanced at the vehicles stopped between her and the werecats.
A mom with two kids in the back. A harried cab driver arguing with his passenger. Two young women dancing in their seats to the beat of the dashboard radio. A black SUV, windows down, a man tapping his thumb impatiently on the steering wheel, while waiting for the light to change. He smelled different, almost familiar. That one. Just as the light changed, she slipped out of the alley. As he started to slowly accelerate, she rushed to the SUV, reached through the window, snapped the button to unlock the door, jerked the door open, slid in beside him, and slammed the door. 
Startled, he slammed his foot on the brake. “What?”
“Hey, you!” The shout came from behind and across the street.
Janelle threw a glance over her shoulder and saw the two werecats start across the empty lanes on the other side of the street toward the car. “Please, mister,” she said, hating the fear that shook her voice, “there are two men trying to catch me. If they do, I’m dead.”
In the corner of her eye, she saw his eyebrows climb, as he turned to follow her gaze. When he saw the two men rushing toward them, he whipped around and accelerated, catching up with the traffic, then passing other vehicles. He drove for several minutes. When she could no longer see her pursuers in the back window, she let out a shaky sigh and turned to face the front of the vehicle.
“Who are you?” he asked.
Janelle studied his profile. Adonis in a t-shirt, she thought, then mentally scolded herself. He looked kind, but with humans, you never knew. She looked away. “Nobody, really.”
“Uh huh. Who were they?”  The annoyance in this tone pulled her gaze back to him. This time, his gray eyes caught her gaze.
She touched her bottom lip with her tongue, trying to decide just what to tell him. “Hunters.”
“Hunting you?”
“Why?” He pulled into a parking lot, nosed into a parking space, and turned off the engine.
Janelle's eyes grew wide when she looked up to see the Police Department sign over the building in front of them. “Umm. Thanks for the ride.” She opened the door and started to step out.
His hand caught her left wrist and pulled her back into the SUV. As he stretched, a bronze chain glinted beneath the edge of his collar. “Not going to happen, princess. Tell me what’s going on.”
For a moment, Janelle thought about taking his hand off at the wrist, then realized attacking someone on police property would not be the best idea she had today. Besides, it would get blood on her clothes. She might not be a princess in the way he meant the word, but she abhorred blood. Definitely, not a common trait among her kind.
She swallowed hard and took the time to glance around. Even here, the cats would attack. They were not concerned about human witnesses as her Alpha had taught her to be. Seeing only normal human traffic and movement in the area, she sniffed to be sure. Finally feeling safe, at least for the moment, she settled back into the bucket seat and looked at him. The impatience in his face was reflected by the thumb again tapping the steering wheel.
“Tell me why I shouldn’t drag you inside for an interrogation.”
Her right eyebrow quirked. Insolence or concern? she wondered. She slowly, but firmly, pulled her wrist from his grasp. Hands folded in her lap, she bowed her head for a long, slow breath, then tilted her head to look at him. “Who are you?”
“Kind of late to ask, isn’t it?” He pulled his wallet from his jacket pocket and flashed a badge at her. “Detective Nate Rollins, San Antonio PD. Now, who are you, and what is going on?”
Janelle bowed her head again. Wonderful. All the cars in San Antonio and I had to choose a cop’s car.


Nate Rollins studied the quiet blonde. With her head bowed, her long hair the color of the full moon on a clear night obscured her face. The slender hands in her lap were white-knuckled as if she was trying to still the fine tremors he had felt when he caught her wrist. She was terrified, and he wasn’t letting her go until he knew why.
“I have to go,” she finally said. “They’ll be after me.” She bit her lip as if she realized that probably wasn’t the thing to say to a cop.
“Who are they? Why are they after you?” He tried to infuse patience and concern into his voice and was rewarded by a quick glance from her gorgeous blue eyes. Mentally, he slapped the side of his head. Yes, she’s gorgeous, he told himself, but she’s in trouble, so cut it out.
“You wouldn’t believe me, even if I could tell you. Please, just let me go.” Her soft fingers touched the back of his right hand. “You can’t help me, and they will kill you if you try.”
“I believe they will try. I want to help you, anyway.” He grinned his crooked grin at her, the one his buddies called the ‘lady-killer.’ Not that it did him any good. He just wasn’t interested in the women he knew, but it sure seemed to help when questioning suspects. “Let’s go inside, and I’ll make up a report.”
“No! It will just put you all in danger. They don’t care who you are. If you are helping me . . ..”
“I’m not going to let you go without some answers.”
Janelle sighed. She studied his eyes for a moment. He knew when she decided to trust him. Her expression changed. Not much, but enough. “Not here. Everyone you know is in danger if we stay here.”
Nate frowned. The precinct was probably the safest place in town. If she was right, and the men after her were that dangerous . . .. “If you don’t start talking, I’m going to drag you inside and put you into protective custody.”
“You couldn’t, even if you tried.” She reached out and caught his wrist, just as he had done earlier to her. “Try to get loose.”
He chuckled and pulled his hand. Her grasp tightened, and he felt the bones squeezed, tighter than a frail-looking woman should be able to grip. He blinked and jerked hard. Still, he couldn’t get loose. He felt sweat bead his forehead. His eyes narrowed, and his jaw ticked. Even using his other hand, he couldn’t pull loose from her hold. When her clutch tightened, he forced himself to relax. “Okay,” he said, striving to keep the pain of her vice grip around his arm from his voice. “You can let go, now.”
She released him. He whooshed out a breath and stared at the red finger marks around his wrist. He stroked his arm and could feel the indentations she left in his flesh. “How’d you do that?”
She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and nibbled for a second. Finally, when he thought she would refuse to answer, he heard her whisper, “I’m not human, Detective.”

To Be Continued . . ..

Thank you for reading my excerpt. If you want more, you can find the book on Amazon in ebook or paperback.  

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