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Book Launch: Holiday Rescue (Clean Billionaire Romance)

New Clean Billionaire Romance Book Launch: Holiday Rescue

After writing 10 books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, I needed a break. Since it's the holiday season, I decided I wanted to try my hand at a Christmas story in a new-to-me genre, clean billionaire romances.

Thus, Holiday Rescue, the first book in The Billionaire Brothers Series, came to be. 

Grant is the CEO of his family's security business, Helms Security, Inc. His brothers, Jax and Kiel, are the CIO and CFO, respectively. After building the company left to them by their grandfather and father into a multi-billion dollar business, the three retire from active participation in the protection services they provide.

Grant travels to Austin to meet with the owner of a company the Helms brothers decide to purchase. Before the deal goes through, Grant is kidnapped.

Being a former SEAL and licensed PPO doesn't help him against a tranquilizer dart. When he escapes, he leads the kidnappers to the only woman he might ever learn to love.


Chapter 1

Grant Helms, CEO of Helms Security, Inc., tugged on the cuff of his tailored suit and studied the fit in the mirror. “I’m not a fan of pinstripes, but this isn’t too bad.”
His older brother, Kiel, CFO for the company, sat in the visitor’s chair in front of Grant’s desk, watching Grant turn one way, then the other to see the fit of the suit he wore. “You need a new suit for a business meeting?”
Blowing out a loud breath, Grant shrugged. “Collin Dray is exceptionally conservative. I thought maybe a more traditional suit would be best for the meeting.”
“I’d just wear my jeans and a t-shirt.”
“Hence the reason I have to make this trip instead of you. You can’t wear casual when you’re buying a company like Dray Electronics.”
“Maybe, but spending a couple thousand dollars on a suit you won’t wear again is a little much, isn’t it?” Kiel sipped his imported coffee. When Grant shrugged, Kiel grinned. “Couldn’t get Jax to go, huh?”
Grant struggled to keep annoyance off his face. Their oldest brother, Jax, left for Arkansas before lunch. Technically, Jax was the CIO, but all three of the brothers had multiple roles. Until recently, they all took shifts with security details, too. “Jax is on assignment. All the guys were booked, so he took the job in Fayetteville.”
A frown settled on Kiel’s forehead. “I thought we agreed the three of us wouldn’t be involved in the ops, anymore.”
Grant sighed. “Yeah, well, she’s blonde. And we all renewed our PPO licenses, so . . ..”
The frown went away, and Kiel laughed. “Petite and cute?”
“Yeah.” Grant took another look in the mirror, decided the suit would do, and headed toward the restroom to change back into his jeans. “He left me a voicemail. Said if we needed him to call his personal cell. Otherwise, he plans to be out of touch for a few days until he figures out who is stalking her.”
“Hmm. When do you leave?”
“The meeting is tomorrow afternoon. Jax took the jet, so I’m flying the corporate chopper this evening. If you need me, I’ll be staying at Shoal Creek Suites, since they have a helipad on the roof. I’ve already made reservations and arranged to use the roof hanger for a couple of days.”
Kiel’s muffled voice came through the closed door. “Anything I need to take care of while you’re gone?”
Grant carefully returned the suit, shirt, and tie to the garment bag. Kiel was probably right. It was a bit extravagant to buy a suit he wouldn’t wear again, but he wanted to make the right impression on Collin Dray. Finding another source for the part they needed would wreck their production schedule. Grant shook his head. Dray Electronics was the best company for their needs. Learning it was for sale was a stroke of luck.
After pulling on his jeans, he slipped his navy-blue t-shirt over his head. Running his fingers through his short, dark hair instead of bothering with a comb, Grant opened the door and walked into his office.
“You have enough to do with accounting, Kiel. R&D have tested the prototype six ways to Sunday. If Dray agrees to our buy-out, we can make the parts to our specifications. The drone will do exactly what it’s designed to do.”
Kiel raised an eyebrow and gave Grant’s left wrist a pointed stare. “Grandad’s Timex watch doesn’t go too well with the suit, though.”
Grant glanced at the watch he wore. It was the watch Grandad wore through the first years of building up the company. He shook his head. “I’ll just keep the shirt cuff pulled down over it.”
“You could borrow my Jagger LeCoultre if you want to.”
Kiel had expensive tastes. While Grant was more down-to-earth and wore Levi and Wrangler jeans, Kiel shuddered at the thought. Grant grinned and gave Kiel’s Gucci jeans a pointed look. “A twenty-thousand dollar watch to go with a two-thousand-dollar suit? That makes about as much sense as wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt.” Grant preferred to wear their grandfather’s watch. It helped him remember the values the company was built upon. “Nah. I’ll just wear this one.”
“Suit yourself.” Kiel took the last sip of his coffee, set the cup on Grant’s desk, stood and stretched. “I guess I’ll check in with Ms. Miller and see how the Christmas extravaganza plans are going.”
Grant shuddered. “Better you than me.”
Kiel sighed. “Grant . . ..”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Dad and Grandad wouldn’t want you . . ..”
Jaw clenched, Grant glared at Kiel. “Not talking about it.” After his father and grandfather died in the same accident on Christmas Day, fifteen years ago, Grant wanted nothing to do with the holiday.
Kiel huffed and frowned. When Grant opened his mouth, Kiel held his hands up, palms out. “Alright. Alright. We won’t talk about it.” With a sigh, he walked to the office door. “I need to get back to Accounting, anyway. See you later!”
Grant closed his eyes and concentrated on calming his breathing. He didn’t understand how Kiel and Jax could want to celebrate the holiday that took the two most important men in their lives from them. Forcing himself to take deep, even breaths, his shoulders slowly relaxed, but the tight muscles in his neck remained.

Holiday Rescue is available on Amazon, and has been enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. It's also listed on my Clean Romances page!

Other News

For those concerned I may let the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series slide away, I am still working on book 11 now. Just needed a break to get the imagination flowing again. I have a few logistical issues to iron out to make the action work, but it's getting there.

My plans are to publish Wolf's Guard before Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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