Thursday, December 13, 2018

Two Gifts for My Readers

Happy Holidays!

As the year comes to a close, I look back more than a little surprised at how far I've come in my author's journey.

And I want you all to know that I am aware it's all your doing.

Without you, my readers, my writing would be time lost.

Gift 1:

If you haven't read Wolf's Quest, the 10th book in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, it is free on Amazon until midnight December 16! Please share that information with anyone you think will enjoy reading it.

UPDATE: Wolf's Quest is no longer free, but if you have a Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan, you can read most of my books without extra cost!

For myself and all indie authors, please remember that the best thing you can do for us and our budding careers is to review our books. You don't have to be fancy or write a book report or synopsis. A simple, "I liked it." is enough, if that's all you want to do. Or even, "I didn't like it." Just be honest. 😊

Either way, it helps other readers decide whether to take a chance on reading our book(s).

Gift 2:

As the holidays get closer, and the stress of creating perfect memories for family and friends starts to get to you, take a few minutes for a break. And during your break, enjoy this Scrambled Shifters Word puzzle! It will be great fun for kiddos, too.

Print off a few copies and share them with family and friends. While the list isn't comprehensive (no otters here, folks), there are a lot of shifter animals to unscramble. I'll post the solution in a P.S. to this email.

The file is a PDF, so you will need a PDF reader to open it. I recommend Adobe PDF Reader. If you don't want McAfee Safe Connect, be sure to uncheck the selection box.

Other News

I have over 12,000 words written in my next Texas Ranch Wolf Pack book, Wolf's Guard. I'm having to do some research to get some of the basic facts right, so it's taking a little longer than I planned. With that said, I still have hopes of finishing and publishing before Christmas.


P.S. You can find the solution to the scrambled word puzzle here. Enjoy!

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