Saturday, January 19, 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Super Blood Wolf Moon Won't Be Seen Again Until 2033

As a writer of paranormal fiction, this blood moon is especially interesting to me. And it fits right into the plot of the book I plan to publish next, Wolf's Guard. At this point, I have 17,046 words completed, with most of them edited at least once. Being ill the last part of 2018 and the first two weeks of 2019 cut into my writing time, so it's a bit later than planned. However, it is still in the works and going well at this point.

Plans for 2019

I am excited this year to be working on finishing this series and starting a spin-off series for the werewolves in Colorado (see Wolf's Quest). I am also planning to start a young adult series based on the panther children who were relocated to Georgetown, TX, for their safety (see Wolf's Enemy). 

The billionaire trilogy I started at the end of 2018 is also planned to be complete this year. 

Lots to do and many, many pages to write.

And I love it. 


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