Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wolf's Claim in Large Print

Cover of Large Print Edition of Wolf's Claim by Lynn Nodima

Large Print Wolf's Claim Available

Wolf's Claim is now available as a large print paperback. The text is set at 16 points to make it easier for readers who have difficulties with books printed at 11 points.

Every two to three weeks, I have scheduled one of my Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series to publish as a large print book. This will ensure all twelve are available by Christmas (book 12 coming soon!).

As mentioned in a previous posting, the price for the large print books will be the same as the pricing for the regular print paperback books.

WIP Progress: Wolf's Duty

Wolf's Duty, the final book in the first set of 12 books, is still going strong. I have changed the focus of this book, somewhat, and plan to cut a scene that took the book into a difficult direction to work through. As soon as I determine what, if any, part of the scene can be salvaged, I will post the cut on my blog.

If you remember from Wolf's Huntsman, the birth of a Royal is difficult. When Ophelia was born, Nate, Koreth, and Nadrai played a significant role in helping Janelle through birth. Remembering this, I have made some changes in the plot since Janelle is soon to deliver a son. Nate, as a loving mate and father, would refuse to leave Janelle at this time.

Other News

My next series is tentatively titled Tala Ridge Werewolves. This will be a young adult series based on Terrell's Colorado pack. The kids are going to public school. There are about fourteen children (not really sure, yet), only four or five of which are teens.

I still need names for most of them. If you would like your name to be used for one of the children, please comment below. When the writing begins, I'll select which names to use and add a reply to your comment to let you know. 

Thank you!

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