Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Wolf's Quest Published in Large Print Paperback

Wolf's Quest in Large Print Paperback

Wolf's Quest has been published in a large print paperback format.

Again, the large print paperback editions of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series are listed at the same price as the regular paperback editions.

Of the books published, this leaves only Wolf's Guard to be published in the large print format.

This will happen before the end of November.

At present, my plans are to have all twelve books of the series in the large print format before Christmas.

WIP Report

At this point, I have almost 55,000 words written in Wolf's Duty. It's not going as quickly as I wish it was, but it is getting there. I still have a few plot lines to pull together to get it finished.

Other News

In the process of writing Wolf's Duty, I've discovered two stories that should have already been resolved.

Rather than add to the 12 book series, I'm going to write two short-stories which happen in the same time-frame as Wolf's Duty. These should be published before Christmas.

The title of the first is Wolf's Delima and is Jonathan's story. Jonathan is Nate's beta. The second is untitled at present and will be Paige's and Lee's story, both of whom are human and ex-Huntsmen.


Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series
Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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