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Sneak Peek: Wolf's Dragon Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Wolf's Dragon

I've had to stop writing for a few days to make some minor corrections to previously published books. 

By the way, if you ever find spelling or grammatical mistakes in one of my books, I would appreciate hearing about them, so I can fix them. Thanks!

Currently, I am working on two books, Tala Ridge Alpha, a young adult shifter urban fantasy, and Wolf's Dragon, a companion novella or novel --not decided yet-- to the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series.

For those who want to know more about Grant, the king's new son, Wolf's Dragon will add to his story.

Wolf's Dragon Snip:

Chapter 1


Shifting to her human form, Ulia slipped behind the fig tree in the back of the garden, dropped prone on the grass and rolled into the cubby hole she found beneath the fence when she was much younger. In the past hundred years, she’d almost outgrown it, but she managed, just barely, to pull her feet inside. If Grandmother Liah found her, she’d be punished for throwing flame at Jeric. She clenched her jaw. If the wyrmdung would leave her alone, she wouldn’t have to flame him. As grandmother’s feet tapped closer to her hiding place, Ulia held her breath, hoping the old one wouldn’t find her. Again. She almost always did.

And this time was no different. Toes wrapped in glimmering crystal below a shimmering fabric of flame stopped beside the fence. “Ulia, come out of there. Right now!”

Ulia crawled out of the hole, bumping her head. She moaned. I’m too old for crawling under fences. 

She ducked her head when her grandmother’s usually serene face clouded up. “You’ve ruined another dress, Ulia!” Sighing, her grandmother pointed at the castle. “Get inside and apologize to Jeric.”

“But . . ..”

“Now, Ulia!”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Grandmother Liah never listened. Never. Since Father died and Magnus left home after being promoted to King’s Protector, Grandmother kept a tight rein on Ulia. Ulia wanted to shout her disgust at having to apologize to that . . . that . . . wyrmdung! She still had three-hundred years before she could make her own decisions, but after that, if he bothered her, she’d flame him good enough to singe his eyebrows.

She flinched at the sharp rap on the back of her head.

“And don’t you be muttering!”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Shuffling her feet to slow her journey to the drawing room, Ulia tried again. “I wouldn’t flame him if he’d keep his hands to himself.”

“Did he hurt you?”


“Did he insult you?”

Ulia whipped around to face her grandmother. “Yes! He said I have to join with him when the moon is full!”

Grandmother’s thin lips pressed into a line. “You are of age. Perhaps, with a mate to look after you . . ..”

“I won’t!” Ulia shook her head. “Not with him! You promised I didn’t have to mate until I was at least eighteen-hundred-years-old! I still have three hundred years to go!”

“Ulia, calm yourself.”

“If you make me, I’ll run away. I’ll go to Magnus!” Her brother, Magnus, lived on Earth since the Ruling Council answered the First Mother’s request and assigned him as protector and guardian to the Were King. After he failed his duty, twice, the Council decreed he must remain on Earth until he redeemed himself. The thought of her older brother, as always, left a dull ache in her chest. She missed him terribly.

“Go apologize then go to your room. We’ll discuss this later.”

Ulia opened her mouth to argue, then snapped her mouth shut when the drawing door opened. She turned to find Jeric smirking at her. Trembling, fisted hands pressed into the small of her back to keep from hitting the wyrm, she gave him a deep curtsy. “Lord Jeric, my apologies for flaming at you. It won’t happen again.”

When he opened his mouth to reply, she spun on her heel and raced up the stairs to her room, shutting the door firmly behind her. She really did owe him an apology. Flaming a visitor was a serious breach of etiquette. Not that it hurt him. Flames couldn’t hurt a dragon. She snorted, then giggled. No, but it did singe his fancy court clothes. The foppish lace melted right off. And his hair curled up so funny, too!

Before long, she heard the castle entrance door open and close. After several minutes, her grandmother opened the bedroom door without knocking and walked into her room. Concern in her eyes, she released a long sigh, then nodded. “I read him. I understand, now, Child. He wants you to gain hold on our family treasure and titles. I’ll be sending you to Magnus.”

Ulia’s mouth dropped open. “Really? But . . ..”

“You’ll be safe with your brother. Even Lord Jeric wouldn’t attempt to force a mating with Magnus around.”

“Will the First Mother allow me to go?”

“When I explain, I’m sure she’ll permit it.” Grandmother motioned toward her closet. “Don’t bother packing too much. Your clothes won’t be suitable for Earth, anyway. You may take one case, so get ready.”

The door closed behind her grandmother. Mouth still open, Ulia huffed, then giggled. She picked up her tiny, iridescent unicorn and hugged it tight. “I’m going to Magnus, Yassy!” She spun around the room then dropped on her bed. As much as she wanted to go, the thought scared her just a bit. Magnus left over a thousand years ago. He wouldn’t recognize his little sister now that she was almost grown.

Hugging Yassy tighter, she whispered, “I’ll take you with me, Yassy. You’ll have to travel in my bag, though, or Grandmother will make you stay here.”

Yassy whickered softly and nuzzled her neck. Jumping up, she set Yassy on her pillow, ran to her closet and pulled out a bag. After putting her jewelry case in the bottom, because dragons don’t travel without some or all of their treasure, she stuffed a soft blanket around it to make a nest for Yassy. She brought it to the bed and gently maneuvered the unicorn inside. Next, she pulled out her favorite sweater, the one her Aunt Peasie made for her for her last birthday and folded it gently around the unicorn’s neck and head. “You have to be silent, Yassy, if you want to go.”

The unicorn’s tongue slipped out and caressed the back of her hand, then he shimmered and disappeared. “That’s perfect, Yassy. I have to change, now. Just be very still and quiet until we get there, okay?”


The book (not sure of length, yet) has over 15,000 words written in it. I'll get it published as soon as possible.

Other News

March 16 & 17, I have set Wolf's Heart and Wolf's Mate to free at Amazon. Be sure to grab a copy if you don't have it. Enjoy!

With the threat of Corvid-19, almost everything has shut down in my area. Even library meetings have been cancelled for the duration. Please, be safe and keep yourselves and your loved ones healthy.

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