Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Author Copies Arrived!

My Paperback Author Copies are Here!

The last 9 copies of my Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series arrived yesterday. Over the three years, I've been working on this series, I have neglected to get author copies in paperback. Instead, opting most of the time to purchase the ebook versions.

I finally purchased the books I was missing to complete the set.

Photo of Author CopiesThe difference in the background colors on the covers of Wolf's Queen and Wolf's Enemy is much more noticeable. <<Sigh.>> 

Maybe someday, I'll have time to redo those covers to match better.

I would love to see your photos if you have purchased one of my paperbacks. 

If you send them to me at author@lynnnodima.com,
I'll create a post for them here for all to enjoy. 

Remember, this is a family-values blog, so please make them clean. I reserve the right not to publish photos that would conflict with family values as determined by me.

I could add a page to hold them all if I get enough.

Do you purchase paperbacks? Ebooks? Borrow? 

Take care!

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