Saturday, February 15, 2020

Wolf's Victory has Published!

Online Jigsaw Puzzle of Wolf's Victory Cover

Wolf's Victory, Second Box Set in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Published

Wolf's Victory, containing books 7-12 of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series (TRWP), complete and unabridged, has published! 

To celebrate, I created the Wolf's Victory puzzle to share with you. With 160, rotating pieces, this puzzle may take a while to complete. If you haven't checked out my puzzle album, you can work TRWP jigsaw puzzles of each of my TRWP book covers. Fun and relaxing!

Other News

I'm working on two books, right now. I started Tala Ridge Alpha, but an idea hit that I couldn't put aside. So, I'm also working on a book, as yet untitled, about Magnus' little sister coming to Earth. You never know what problems, or solutions, a teenage dragon might come up with. And her pet unicorn is bound to cause issues!



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