Monday, August 9, 2021

Panther's Task: A Short Story in the TRWP Panther Clowder

 Panther's Task

Panther's Task
Panther's Task, a new short story in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack (TRWP) World: Panther Clowder series, is up for pre-order! 

If you prefer to wait until the actual sale date, you can get it on August 17!

Occasionally, throughout the rest of the year (2021), I plan to write and release short stories about the characters in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series. 

This is Adrian Paddock's story.

Adrian is Marsha's older brother. 

Her story is in Panther's Choice and is alluded to in Panther's Task.

I am still working on Tala Ridge Hunt, but it's not at a place where I am confident in setting up a pre-order. 

Pre-order deadlines are firm and can't easily be changed, if at all. 


A Young Adult Paranormal Shifter Story

Be careful what you wish for...

Good advice eighteen-year-old Adrian doesn't take.

When his best friend mates a dragon shifter and moves to another realm, Adrian feels a little lost.

When his younger sister is named heir to the queen, he wonders what his future holds for him.

All he wants is some adventure.

Then a human girl follows him into the woods asking for the impossible...

Who's story do you want to see next? I still have lots of options for writing about the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack. Do you prefer to know more about the wolves or the panthers or the bears? What about the two bear-shifter girls that got caught up in the trafficking ring in Wolf's Queen

Let me know...

Take care and stay safe,


Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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