Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Leif Eriksson Day Sale on Wolf's Sorrow

Leif Eriksson Day Sale (Oops! A Day Late!)

I'm so clueless that I didn't know October 9 was Leif Eriksson Day until it was too late to put my new short story, Wolf's Sorrow on sale.

Wolf's Sorrow is about Thorkell Leifsson, Lief Eriksson's son. In my tale, some of the Vikings, including Leif and Thorkell, are werewolves, or shifters.

Thorkell will one day be the oldest living werewolf, and will have a part to play in three of the books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series.

So, since I missed the actual day, I decided to have a giveaway instead! Wolf's Sorrow is FREE October 10 and 11 for Kindle! If you read it, please leave a review. It will help other readers know if they want to read it, too.  Thank you in advance!


Lynn Nodima

Get the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series!

Book 1: Wolf's Man
Book 2: Wolf's Claim
Book 3: Wolf's Mission
Book 4: Wolf's Huntsman
Book 5: Wolf's Trust
Book 6: Wolf's Reign (Coming Soon!)

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