Sunday, October 8, 2017

Wolf's Sorrow: A Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Short Story

Wolf's Sorrow: The first Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Short Story Published

Wolf's Sorrow: The First Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Short Story

Wolf's Sorrow has published earlier than planned and is in ebook format only. It tells of the early life of Snarl, a character in Wolf's Huntsman and Wolf's Trust.

Snarl will be a major player in the final book of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series. This story explains more about the events Snarl told Nate and Eli in Wolf's Trust.

Future Plans for Short Stories

The other short stories I have planned at this point are Ben's and Dottie's story, Dusty's and Nettie's story, and Peyton's and Gisele's story.

Jonathan will have a story, too, though as yet he hasn't told me who he likes. He will. He's just being stubborn. I'll post on the blog when one is coming up so you will know.

The characters in this series are so much fun to write about. The first series is almost done, but I am already toying with the idea of a second based on the teens in the first series. As the cliche goes, only time will tell.


Lynn Nodima

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