Monday, October 2, 2017

Wolf's Trust Update: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Book 5

Wolf's Trust: Book 5 in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

Wolf's Trust Update

This book as been a challenge. In a previous post, I mentioned that this is the first book I have written out of sequence. It has also been the most difficult to write to get everything that needed to happen done. Even so, I completed the first draft of the book last week.

Since then, I have been slowly working through spelling, grammar, and structure edits.

There are still three edits to complete, but they will be complete in time to publish the book this week. My target date is Wednesday, October 4th. I will post to let you know when it is available.

The cover has been completed. The blurb is below. Comments are always welcome!

Wolf's Trust

Evil must be contained. Compromised Huntsmen must die . . .

The Triumvirate, Commanders of the Black Forest Huntsmen, teach their hunters that werewolves are evil, human-eating animals.

When a Huntsman is captured by werewolves, the Triumvirate sends Zoe to kill the compromised hunter and destroy the pack.

But her efforts result in a traumatic head injury. Daryll, an Enforcer for the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack ensures Zoe gets medical treatment. Why would the evil were help her?

Believing Zoe, too, is compromised, a Huntsman attacks her in the emergency room. Daryll saves her, and Zoe's confusion grows.

Then Zoe learns the Triumvirate aren't the saviors of humankind she believes them to be. Will she follow her heart to help Daryll and the pack in their efforts to stop the Triumvirate?

Or will she blindly follow orders to destroy the pack?


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