Monday, January 8, 2018

Lynn Nodima: Back on Track

I'm Back on Track

This past month has been rough. In addition to finalizing work on an editing contract, the flu, or something very like it, has made the rounds throughout the house.

Now, with nothing left but a residual cough, everyone is getting better.

This week, I have hit the 29,000-word mark in my WIP book, Wolf's Reign. I still have the major conflict to write, but it's almost done. I will get this done as quickly as I can.

New Banner

I created a new banner image for this blog. It felt too much to have all the books in my series staring at visitors the first time they visited the blog. Since this is my writer's blog, rather than just a series blog, I changed the banner to reflect my name instead of book covers. I would love some feedback. Is it better? Worse? Added pages provide permanent access to more information about my books and short stories.

Off to work!


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