Saturday, November 25, 2017

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Book Series Cover Changes

Series Book Cover Changes

After consulting with other authors and some book cover designers, I decided to change the covers of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series books.

Thanks to Members of the Guerrilla Publishing: Book Marketing Support and Feedback for Authors 

I want to thank all the writers and book cover designers in the Guerrilla Publishing: Book Marketing Support and Feedback for Authors Facebook group, with special thanks going to Derek Murphy. Derek is the administrator of the Facebook group, the author of Guerilla Publishing: Dangerously Effective Writing and Book Marketing Strategies, and is a book cover designer, too. If you want to learn more about Derek and the helps he offers other writers, you can check out his blog. The help I receive from Derek and his group is fantastic. If you are a struggling author, the Facebook group is well worth looking into.

I hope to have book 6 in the series, Wolf's Reign, finished by the 10th of December. While this title is what I have planned from the beginning, I am now thinking of changing the title. I'll let you know if that happens.

Please note that the links in the previous blog post still work, even if the image is the old image.


Get Caught up on the Series!

Book 1: Wolf's Man
Book 2: Wolf's Claim
Book 3: Wolf's Mission
Book 4: Wolf's Huntsman
Book 5: Wolf's Trust 
Book 6: Wolf's Reign (Coming Soon!)

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