Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wolf's Reign has Published!

Wolf's Reign has published in both Kindle ebook and paperback!

If you've been waiting for the final book in this series, your wait is over.

To celebrate the publication of Wolf's Reign (Book 6 in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series), Wolf's Man, Book 1 of the series, is FREE. Wolf's Reign will soon be available in paperback, too.

All the books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series are in enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. This means that if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership, you can read them FREE!

Wolf's Man FREE for a Limited Time

From February 10 to February 14, Wolf's Man, the book that started it all, will be free on Amazon for Kindle ebook readers. If you don't have a Kindle, you can still download the book to your PC or Mac and read it using the free Amazon Kindle App. Once this promotion is over, book 1 will return to its $2.99 price, so don't miss your chance to test-run a new series at no cost.

Wolf's Reign: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Book 6 

 Wolf's Reign Cover
Nate never wanted to be king.

All he ever wanted was to have a normal life, be a good cop, and someday raise a normal family. A real family, with real parents, not like the human foster system he grew up in.

But not even kings get everything they want.

Rogue vampires have built an army of Huntsmen to destroy the shifters, leaving humanity vulnerable to enslavement. 

Nate’s first royal duty is to save the were - and humanity - from this evil scourge. 

Nate is already struggling to control the half-wolf, half-human Lycos within him when it decides to reject Janelle, his mate and the mother of his child. Now Nate must protect his family from himself. 

If he can save his family from the Lycos . . . 

If he can get all the shifters to accept him as their king . . .

If he can save humanity from the Huntsmen . . .

Maybe, just maybe, he can be the king he was born to be.


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