Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wolf's Reign is in Paperback

The Paperback Version Wolf's Reign Has Published

Prefer paperback books? 

Wolf's Reign is now available in paperback on Amazon!

I love paperbacks. I love the feel of them in my hands, and I enjoy seeing them on my bookshelf, waiting for me to pick them up again and reread them.

It's especially special to have a book I wrote in my hands. Somehow, it makes it more real than when it sits on my Kindle waiting for me to choose it from the other books I've collected.

In Other News

In addition to the other storylines I am working on, I have been putting the six books of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series into a box set. The book (all the books together) will be newly edited and should publish later this month. With over 220,000 words total, this one won't make it into a paperback format. The cost to purchase it would just be too high. 

As part of the process, I am teaching myself how to create a box set image. It's a lot harder than it seems like it would be. When I publish the box set, I'll post the image on the blog.

The title of the box set is Wolf's Destiny. The rest of the series is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, and this book will also be a KU book.


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