Saturday, June 23, 2018

Wolf's Enemy is a Night Owl Romance Reviews Top Pick

 Wolf's Enemy

Night Owl Romances Reviews TRWP Series

The Night Owl Romance Reviews site has reviewed Wolf's Destiny, Wolf's Queen, and Wolf's Enemy. Wolf's Destiny and Wolf's Queen both received 4 out of 5 stars. Wolf's Enemy received 4.5 stars and was awarded a Top Pick emblem!

Wolf's Destiny is the box set that contains the first 6 books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack (TRWP) Series.

It includes Wolf's Man, Wolf's Claim, Wolf's Mission, Wolf's Huntsman, Wolf's Trust, and Wolf's Reign. Excerpts of all the books are available on the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series page.

 Wolf's Destiny: TRWP Box Set Wolf's Queen

You can find the Night Owl Romance reviews here:

Wolf's Enemy Review

Thank you, Night Owl Romance reviewer Terri for these fantastic reviews!

Other News

I have over 13,000 words written in my work-in-progress (WIP). At this point, it doesn't have a title. The ladies, Flora and Dottie, got huffy when their wedding was skimmed over between the last two books, so even though I intended to follow Wolf's Enemy with Snarl's story, it was side-tracked. I'll get back to Snarl and Freya soon.


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