Saturday, July 14, 2018

Wolf's Rage Cover Reveal

Wolf's Rage Cover

Wolf's Rage: Book 7.5 in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Cover Reveal

After Wolf's Enemy, I fully intended to write Wolf's Quest, which is Snarl's search for his kidnapped mate, Freya. However, my characters did not cooperate.

Flora Garrett and Dottie Paddock decided that their wedding was more important than a footnote. It was being planned at the end of Wolf's Queen. Wolf's Enemy opened the morning after the wedding. Flora and Dottie staged a sit-in on my keyboard.

Until I wrote their wedding story, they refused to leave me alone to work on Snarl's search for his missing mate.

So, Wolf's Rage, Book 7.5, came about. The happenings in this book occur in the two weeks between the end of book 7 (Wolf's Queen) and the beginning of book 8 (Wolf's Enemy). The women are happily in the act of preparing for the wedding, purchasing gowns, and planning decorations when they come across a woman (Violet) being forced into an SUV by two men. When they rescue her, the fun begins.

Now, not only is there a wedding to prepare for, there is Violet's family to save from a deranged kidnapper.

I have just over 25,000 words written, and write more every day, so the book should be done soon. 

At least that's my hope. I really, really want to get back to Snarl's search. And he's a bit impatient, too.

Other News

Karen Doctor has spotlighted book 1, Wolf's Man, on her Karen's Killer Fixin's blog page. Check it out. Be sure and comment for a chance to win a cool Wolf in Fog Journal! And get the great Lemon Bisque recipe, too. Thanks, Karen!

Update: And the winner is . . . Donna! Your journal is on the way! Thank you, everyone, for entering!


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