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WIP: Wolf's Quest and Cover Reveal

 Cover Reveal for Wolf's Quest by Lynn Nodima

Wolf's Quest Cover Reveal and Sneak Peek

I'm back at work, writing Wolf's Quest. At this point, I have well over 7,000 words written. In this story, Snarl is headed to Colorado to the Tala Ridge Ranch by jet to see if the woman Dylan Pace kept in a cage for the past years is Freyja, his mate. And Dusty and Nettie, with the kids, Terrell, Mattie, and Lettie, are also headed to the Tala Ridge Ranch, where Nate (the Were King) has decreed Terrell will be placed as alpha and Dusty and Nettie will be alpha regents until Terrell grows into the position.

So, who is the kid Snarl finds at the airport? Will they be welcomed to the Tala Ridge Ranch? Is the woman in the cage Freyja, Snarl's mate? More to come soon!


In Wolf's Huntsman, book 4, readers learned that Jackson Rollins, the former alpha to the Arkansas pack, and the Council Alpha, captured Freyja and hid her away to keep Snarl from giving the Lycos' staff to someone else. The Lycos staff, a weapon used to focus the Lycos' power, cannot be given unwilling, so the evil Jackson was unable to force Snarl to give it to him.

Snarl has been searching for Freyja for fifteen years. In Wolf's Enemy, Nate walks through Terrell Pace's mind and finds a woman in a cage in Pace's basement in Terrell's memory. Based on Snarl's story, Nate thinks Freyja may be in Colorado. The king gives Snarl leave to go find out if it's Freyja.

At the end of Dusty, Nettie, Terrell, and Nettie's twin daughters, Lettie and Mattie, head for Colorado by car to give the kids time to get to know each other.

On the way to find Freyja, Snarl meets Josh, a young wolf, at the airport.

Sneak Peek Snip from Chapter 2

After a quick stop at the luggage carousel to gather Josh’s two suitcases, Snarl let the boy drag them by the wheels and walked ahead of him toward the car rental kiosk. Even with his cane, Snarl got several feet ahead of Josh.
Josh shouted, “Grampa!”
At the alarm in the boy’s voice Snarl spun on his heel. Two men had Josh by the arms, pulling him toward the door. A single sniff identified them as wolves. Moving faster than he should while under the glamour, Snarl rushed to them and cracked his cane over the closest man’s back. “Let my grandson go!”
Staggering, the man released Josh and whirled to face Snarl. Lips pulled back in threat, he took a step toward Snarl. “Stay out of this, old man!”
“You will not take my grandson from me! Let him go!”
Snarl shouted loud enough to get the attention of security. Armed men started rushing toward them. “Hey, you!”
At the shout, the man facing Snarl sent him a threatening growl, then grabbed the other man. “Let’s go! We’ll get him later!”
The two men ran with security chasing them. Another guard stopped beside Snarl. “Are you two okay? What happened here?”
Eyes shock wide, Josh sent a beseeching stare to Snarl. Snarl patted Josh's shoulder, then pulled him closer and leaned on the boy’s shoulder. “We’re okay. Thank you. Don’t know why, but those two tried to kidnap my grandson.”
The guard glanced at Josh. “You okay, kid?”
Without speaking, Josh nodded. Snarl patted his back. “It’s okay, Josh. They won’t bother you, again. Okay?”
“Yes, Sir.”
The tremble in Josh’s voice hit Snarl hard. It was all he could do to stay with Josh rather than search and destroy the two wolves who tried to take him. “You’ll be safe as long as you’re with me, Josh. I promise.”
“Sir, I need you to come to security to answer a few questions.” The guard motioned toward a door marked ‘Security.’
Snarl sighed. “We’re running late, Officer. How long will this take?”
“Not long. We just need to fill out a report.”
Arm still around Josh’s shoulder, Snarl leaned on the boy. “We’ll have to go slow, Officer. I broke my cane on that guy’s back.”
“Take your time, Sir.” The officer led them through the Security door and into a small room. Josh helped Snarl to a chair then sat beside him. Snarl nodded his thanks and turned his attention to the officer. After checking that his age glamour still functioned, he squinted at the man’s shirt, then said, “Officer Norris, we don’t either one know those men. There’s not much we can do to help you.”
Office Norris pulled a form from the drawer behind the desk. “We just need to file a report, Sir. Name?”
Snarl sighed. “Kell Leifsson.”
“And the boy?”
“Josh Leifsson.” Snarl squeezed Josh’s knee beneath the table when the boy’s mouth opened. Josh shot a glance at Snarl’s face, then nodded.
“Your grandson, you said?”
“Yes. Can we speed this up a bit?”
“I need to see your ID, Sir.”
The muscle in Snarl’s jaw twitched. He reached to the back of his jeans and pulled his wallet from his pocket. Pulling a business card from the wallet, he dropped it on the table and added the photo of a pretty woman that came with the wallet. “My driver’s license and a photo of my grandson at his sixth-grade graduation.”
Josh blinked and turned his startled face toward Snarl. Snarl gave him a slight head shake. The officer picked up the business card and the paper photo. He studied them both carefully, wrote some information on the form, then handed them both back to Snarl. “Thank you, Sir. You didn’t know those two men? Either of you?”
Both Snarl and Josh shook their heads. “I already told you that, Officer. We really are going to be late. We’d like to go, now.”
Officer Norris nodded amiably. “We’re almost done here, Sir. I need a number in case we need to follow up.” Snarl rattled a number off the top of his head. If they did follow up, someone would be surprised when airport security called their phone. Norris wrote the number down, then pushed the form toward Snarl. “If you’ll just sign on the line at the bottom, you’ll be free to go. We don’t want you to be late.”
Snarl scribbled an unreadable signature, then nodded. “We’ll be on our way, then.”
“Of course, Sir. Have a great day!”
“Thank you.” Clutching the center of his broken cane, Snarl leaned on Josh. “Let’s go, Son. Your grandma will be anxious if we’re much later.” As he stood, he swiped the heel of his hand across the table to obliterate their prints.
Josh nodded and supported Snarl out the door. Once it closed behind them, he glanced back, then looked at Snarl. “How . . .?”
“Not now. Let’s get a car and get out of here before those guys come back.”

That's all for now. I'm back to the keyboard to finish writing chapter 6.


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