Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wolf's Trust and Wolf's Reign Published in Large Print Paperback

Books 5 & 6: Available in Large Print Paperback

Wolf's Trust and Wolf's Reign of the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series have been released in large print paperback. Wolf's Queen and Wolf's Enemy are next on the list to be published in this format. 

Health News

I testing done, and the dreaded deep-vein-thrombosis my doctor worried about is a no-show! My husband and I were so relieved when the radiologists told me there was no sign of blood clots, and I could go home without stopping for a while at the hospital. I've been feeling better, but with that good news, I feel even better. Hopefully, it'll mean I can spend more time at the keyboard and get my WIP done quicker.

WIP News

A new surprise character has come into Wolf's Duty. I will tell you she is an orphaned female teenager, but let's leave it at that for now. At 45,607 words, I think I still have about 15,000 to go. 

How About Some Mood Music 

(If you love listening to wolves, this is great!)


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