Saturday, June 6, 2020

Wolf's Dragon and Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Books in Large Print Paperback

TRWP Series and TRWP World Books in Large Print Editions

Wolf's Dragon, the newest book in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack World, is now available as a paperback or a large print paperback.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I don't think the large print should be more expensive, so my large print paperbacks are priced the same as the smaller print paperbacks. (Most are priced $12.98.)

The Wolf's Dragon ebook will publish June 11, 2020, but you can order it now for delivery to your Kindle when it publishes. To celebrate publication, through the month of June, the ebook will be priced at $0.99. July 1st, the ebook price will go up to the regular price of $3.99.

Since reading books is difficult for people with eye issues, I've created large print editions with 16 point type. All the novellas and full-length books are available in large print.

Eventually, when there are enough short stories to put together into a collection, the collection will be published in a large print edition.

The individual regular print books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series and Texas Ranch Wolf Pack World are printed in a 5"x8" size, while the large print books are printed in a 6"x9" format.

With Wolf's Dragon, I have created a new series that will encompass all the stand-alone stories, novellas, and books titled Texas Ranch Wolf Pack World. This will help differentiate the 12 book series from other books and stories using the locations and characters in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series.

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Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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