Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Wolf's Dragon Pre-Order and Puzzle

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Puzzles

Wolf's Dragon is on Pre-order!

I finished Wolf's Dragon! It's been through a couple of edits and is off for another round. It will be back and ready to purchase by the time the pre-order is live on June 11.

To celebrate, I created the online jigsaw puzzle from the book cover, pictured above.


Can a wolf protect a dragon?

Dragon shifter Ulia smuggles her tiny pet unicorn to Texas when she flees Dragomir to escape an unwanted dragon shifter mate.

Cross-cultural differences keep wolf shifter Reese off balance when his true mate, a dragon shifter from another realm, arrives in Texas.

Then her spurned suitor follows her to Earth.

If her brother doesn't kill Reese for insulting his sister, the dragon she fled may.

In a world where dragons, unicorns, and werewolves are mythical creatures, what could go wrong? 

A fast-paced and wild fun stand-alone story set in the same world as the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series!

If you enjoy reading about werewolves hiding in plain sight, dragons flaming enemies, and exotic unicorns, try this book.

Other News

I'm back to working on Tala Ridge Alpha.

Ulia wants me to write a new series, titled Shifter Heirs of Dragomir, but Terrell told me Ulia has to wait until his book is finished. (Rolling my eyes, here.) I just love it when my characters take over the keyboard.

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