Thursday, August 6, 2020

Wolf's Princess: A New Texas Ranch Wolf Pack World Short Story

Wolf's Princess: Ophelia's Adventure

Wolf's Princess
Wolf's Princess
After having trouble with the Tala Ridge Storm plot (the second book in the Tala Ridge Shifters young adult series), I took a break and wrote Wolf's Princess to clear my mind.

In Wolf's Dragon, Nate and Janelle decide to take the family to a reclusive ranch for a vacation away from everyone but their children. 

That scene stayed in my mind, teasing me with what could happen. 

Wolf's Princess was, at least in part, based on an incident from my own life.

When my daughter was young, my family went on a similar vacation, except we were in the wilderness with no one around. 

While my husband went fishing, I suddenly became ill and passed out. 

My daughter, not quite three-years-old, went searching for her father so he could help me. 

She was no Ophelia and was unable to tell the full extent of her adventures before she found him.

I woke to him being angry that I allowed our tiny tot to wander up and down a riverbank looking for him while I napped. Already ill, I didn't handle it much better than he did. 

The thought of my baby wandering in the wilderness along a fast-moving river among rattlesnakes, wild hogs, and bobcats (among other possible predators) terrified me. 

Once he realized I was sick, he apologized and took care of us both. When I felt a little better, she sat with me while her father took down our tent and packed up the camping supplies. 

Long story short: I was stung by a red wasp and had an allergic reaction. After treatment, I was fine, but the terror of (at least in my mind) almost losing my daughter kept us from camping again until she was in her teens. 

I once told my adult son that each of my gray hairs has his name microscopically written on it, but my daughter caused her fair share. 

Wolf's Princess is available on Amazon and is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited!

Wolf's Princess Blurb:

Two-year-old Princess Ophelia isn't happy.

When King Nate and Queen Janelle escape to a secluded rustic cabin for rest, relaxation, and family time, Princess Ophelia is quickly bored. 

She slips away while her parents are sleeping to chase a rabbit through the woods. 

Her adventures, worthy of a parent's gray hair, reveal abilities even her parents didn't know she had.

Other News

Since writing Wolf's Princess, I've been able to resolve at least some of the plot issues with Tala Ridge Storm, and I'm busy writing. 

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