Friday, August 7, 2020

Wolf's Princess: Online Jigsaw Puzzle

Wolf's Princess cover puzzle
Wolf's Princess Jigsaw Puzzle

Wolf's Princess Jigsaw Puzzle

The cover of Wolf's Princess, my newest short story, is now an online jigsaw puzzle!

After receiving emails from some of my readers requesting this puzzle, I jumped into and created it.

This site provides an enormous number of free puzzles to work. And your pet can't jump on it and scatter the pieces. 

Other authors created puzzles for their book covers, and I thought they were great. 

Since discovering the site, I've created puzzles from all my current, and many of my previous, book covers.


If you haven't seen it, I have a blog post on the backstory of this short story. 

Other News

A new character has popped up in the WIP (work in progress) story Tala Ridge Storm (TRS). 

I think this character, who was mentioned in passing in Tala Ridge Alpha, and her family have a major part to play in later chapters of TRS when her brother, a Huntsman, shows up. 

If you've read the Texas Wolf Pack Series, you will know the Huntsmen believe werewolves are abominations and must be destroyed. 

Hmm. What could happen? (Twirling my imaginary mustache and chortling.)

Take care,

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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