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My Wolf Mousepad

My New Carolsmousepads Wolf Mousepad 

As an independent author, I have an office set up in my home. My office equipment and supplies have been collected over the past twenty-plus years. I don't tend to get rid of anything that is still useful, so I have things I've had for many years. For instance, I've had the same Brother printer since 2006. It's no longer available, but I can still get ink for it, so...

My computers get upgraded every two to three years. Other stuff, not so frequently. After our move in January, I had to have a new desk. The old one wasn't in shape to make the move.

Rather than paying hundreds for the desk I really wanted, I opted to have a folding table. It works and saved lots of money. The only problem is that the table is solid black.

My previous tables/desks had faux wood surfaces, so I didn't need a mousepad. Since I purchased this table, though, I've fought with my mouse not wanting to work.

Lion Mousepad

Reader Emails

I do read emails from my readers. Recently, I noticed that one of my readers, Carol Beddow, had a link to her Etsy site in the signature on her email. Curious, I visited her online shop and loved the images of the mousepads she makes. 

She gifted me the beautiful mousepad that was my favorite (see the photo at top), with an image of white wolves on a blue background.

I am impressed with the quality and asked her to answer some questions. I also asked permission to spotlight her product on my blog. 

First, let me tell you that I am not an affiliate for her shop and do not earn anything if you purchase from her. However, I love her products. I am sincerely considering ordering some of her mousepads for gifts. It will be hard to decide which to order, though. She has so many gorgeous designs!

Carolsmousepads: An Online Store

Carol Beddow is the owner of Carolsmousepads, an Etsy store where she sells her creations. Carol graciously agreed to answer some questions for the blog.

This dragon reminds me of Magnus!
Questions and Answers 

Me: A lot of people make crafts using yarn and fabric, but this is the first time I've seen mousepads created by an individual. Where did you get the idea?

Carol: I used to make appliqued sweatshirts and I had an old mousepad (with cigars on it) that I hated.  So I experimented with the process and made some new mousepads for me.  

Me: How long have you been making mousepads?

Carol: I started off small and have been making them for about 10 years now.  

Tiger Coasters
Me: At your Etsy store, I also found coasters. Are they made similar to the mousepads?

Carol: I also make coasters with the exact same process.  (It's a heat bonding process.)

Me: Of all the mousepads you've created, which is your favorite, and why?

Carol: I have lots of favorites - wolves, tigers, cats, and dragons.

Me: Is there anything else you'd like my readers to know about you, your Etsy store, or your products?

Carol: I am in the process of putting a couple hundred more designs on my site - it just takes time to Photoshop, write a description, etc.

I also have half mousepads (4 x 8) for people with a small space.  They have been quite popular

I love finding the right mousepad that someone loves - it just makes my day.  This year, most, if not all, of my shows are canceled so I'm depending on Etsy more.  I normally do 10 - 12 shows a year.

I always tell people at my shows if they don't see something they like, shoot me a text or email and I'll see if I have it.

Me: Thank you, Carol, for sharing your CarolsMousePads products with us. 

15% Off Coupon

Carol has also provided a 15% off coupon for anyone who purchases from her site. 

Click on to get your discount!

My Recommendation

The wolf mousepad I received is well made. The fabric on the top is tightly mounted to the backing. In my opinion, it should last for a very long time. My husband was impressed, too, and is searching through her store for one for his office.

If you love shifters, or just love animals, and need a mousepad, visit Carol's Etsy Shop. You'll find a mousepad with the creatures you love. Lions, tigers, wolves, bears, dragons, cougars, eagles, and more! 

And if you need a gift, Carol has mousepads with flowers, dragonflies, cars, and landscapes (among others), too. Take a look!

More mousepads by Carol:

You can find even more designs in Carol's Etsy shop!

Take care,

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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