Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Wolf's Son: Now Available on Amazon


Wolf's Son

Wolf's Son, a prequel to the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, has been published!

For the past three years, Wolf's Son was only available to those who subscribed to my newsletter, Lynn's Muse. 

In the past month, several of my readers have mentioned they would like to review the story. As a freebie to join my list, there was no easy way to review it. 

So, I decided to publish Wolf's Son on Amazon in ebook format.

The book is still FREE for anyone who wishes to join my newsletter list

Subscribers receive two to four emails per month giving new information about upcoming books, or other news about me or my writing process.

However, not everyone wants to subscribe to mailing lists. I understand this. I'm a little choosy which lists I subscribe to, as well. I've been asked how to get the book (short story) without subscribing. Until now, this wasn't possible.

If you've read Wolf's Son, please consider leaving a review.

Sneak Preview

Grant Rollins wrapped his newborn son in a small blanket and put him in his mother’s arms. The wonder on her face matched that in Grant’s heart. I have a son! Visions of running through the pack howling his news vanished when Linette gasped. In her arms, their tiny baby shimmered, then changed to a squirming, whining pup.

Blinking at the panic in Linette’s eyes, Grant shook his head. “It can’t be,” he whispered to his mate. “It can’t!”

Beneath his son, Linette’s chest labored with her panicked breathing. “Grant, if Jackson finds out...”

“Shhh.” His heart raced and sudden beads of sweat dripped into his eyes. “Shhh.” Closing his eyes, Grant pressed his hand to his pup’s tiny head. Change and do not shift again without permission! A soft puppy whine ended as the pup shifted back to a baby.

Grant leaned close to his mate and pressed his hand to her forehead. Jackson will not harm him. We must leave. Now. Tonight. Before the others know he has birthed.

Wordless, she nodded. Her pain shivered through him. It’s too soon to move her, he told Fareth.

If we don’t, she and the pup will die.

Grant’s jaw ticked. Over my dead body. Fareth, his wolf, agreed. 

Other News

I'm finding that splitting my attention between two stories helps clear my mind. So, at this point, I've written 24,412 words in Tala Ridge Storm

I'm also working on book 2 in The Billionaire Brothers sweet romance series, Not for Sale, with 8,084 words written. 

By working on two stories at the same time, I can switch from one to the other when I have a minor plot issue to resolve. 

If you enjoy reading billionaire romances, check out Lynn's Clean Romances Blog.

Take care and stay safe!


Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series

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